The most recent pictures of me sitting at my computer desk
Me as a punk for halloween
Also a pic that's very recent, where I look like Holly from Red Dwarf
A pic taken a few months ago of me
Me in 6th grade wearing a Cards hat, Mets tee, and Jean Jacket
Me as a baby:)
My roommate, Ally
My friend Anthony
My Bat Mitzvah pic, can you guess which one I am? My friend Michal is third from left
My father
My cats, Sylvia, the apricot and white one, and Samantha, the black one
My best friend Crystal
My best friend Julie's dog Cinder
Me as a baby with my grandmother, who died in Jan 2000
My friend, Jason B
My friend Jenny Lee
Me and my bro when I was around 5 and he was around 2 at my other grandmother's in Skokie, IL
My friend Leah
My mother
My friend Natasha
My friend Pallavi
From Right to Left: Lowy, Me, Patrina, Mark, and if you have really good eyes Andrew
My roommate's desk and our mutual dresser in the dorm
Some of my awesome junk on a shelve in the dorm room
My brother Sam playing around
Him again acting annoying, pretending to fall asleep
My brother when he was 12 and my friend Joe when he was 14
Lowy and Natasha at JJ's
Julie with a sheep
Julie's senior picture
Kuy Jean, 28 year old male, single, very available
Patrina at prom
Me again sticking the camera close to my face
Starship Earth at Epcot
Tigger and other characters at Epcot
The Living Statue in the French part of Epcot
Some of the fireworks when Epcot closed
If you can guess what this picture is then you are good
My friend Patrina