This is Mags' Homepage. I finally got off my ass and decided to finally make a webpage for my stuff. Check out my fanfics in the Table of Contents, and be sure to visit my small amount of links because they are all really cool! I'm getting better at this HTML business so come back and visit again soon 'cause you never know when I'm gonna update! 'Bout time those numbers on the counter began getting cranked up and...uh...was I thinking out loud? Heh heh. uh be sure to sign the guestbook! ~Peace!

Updated 9/6

Okay, since I've been such a bastard and left all my loyal fans (all two of you) in the dark all summer, I thought it was about time you got an honest answer. Over the summer, through no fault of my own, the computer I worked with contracted a virus that cut me off from the internet with the exception of rare occasions when I was able to get on. This has now been remedied and I can begin work once again. Now for what you want to know:

The Great Sephiroth- I did actually finish this story, but thank god I gave it a limitd release here first becasue although reaction was mostly positive, it was a general feeling that it felt a bit rushed at the end. Because I had had worries about this, I immediately recalled Chapter's 6 to the epliog for reconstruction. And I was then going to redo them and then re-release them as a GS: Special Edition of sorts. But then I realized that no matter how I re-did it, it would still be relatively the same to those who did read it. Also, given that there weren't many chapters left in the first place, I decided to go all out in an attempt to redeem myself in my own eyes. So I have decided to expand it completely, with lots of new chapters and an expanded storyline. And yes, this does mean that it will NOT be released as a package, so look for it soon!

Final Battle- I'll admit, I intentionally put this one on the back burner while I was working on The Great Sephiroth, even moreso as I neared the end of it, but the fan reaction for my first ever fanfic has started to grow so I decided to keep with it. Origionally, I was only going to make it a few more chapters or so, but then I realized 'Where's the fun in that?' Look for MORE chapters soon!

My Humor Fics- If you're reading MY humor fics, you must *really* be desperate for humor. But don't worry, my self-loathing and instinctual distrust of my own sense of humor does not mean I'm going to give up on writing them, or for that matter, at least finishing what I started.

All other fics I've authored- Fics like Gottedammerung and Bloody Valentine will be put on temporary hiatus just long enough for me to finish The Great Sephiroth properly and get back on track with Final Battle. I doubt anyone really cares too much, since I haven't heard anything thus far, but then again, I haven't given any of them a proper internet release. The only other excuse for a delay I can give is that I've been working on Bloody Valentine, Bad Blood and Mortal Allies, Blood Ties and Gottedammerung in my head for so long, and I have so many ideas for each, I need just a little breather for me to sit down and sort them properly, so I don't throw together a half-assed story for you like I almost did with The Great Sephiroth.

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