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Hello, welcome to my chamber, please make yourself comfortable. In the days to come I'll be posting information about myself and some more pictures of Mara Jade.

About me, I am the original Mara Skywalker, I created the handle two years ago in January and I have held the title since. I started as a mere joke on the Vader Bulletin Board at Perdue, they used to tease me about my handle. But enough about me.

This is Mara Jade's Page and she's my hero. I hope to have a Mara Jade bio soon, a few more Mara Jade Links, and information.

I am a member of Club Jade, please read the FAQ if you decide to join, thank you. It's important that you do that. Right now Club Jade is still closed to new members at the moment, but Club Skywalker is still open to new members, you just have to follow a few rules, but it's fun!

Also I have a band of loving friends from around the world, from Star Wars Fan Comments and ICQ and I have about 17 websites dedicated to Star Wars

This page is about Mara Jade for Mara Jade Lovers, like me.

If you want a page about Luke and Mara together, I'm still working on it.

Please visit the links page, it has many Mara Jade Websites on it.

Mara Jade now has a webring! If you have a Mara Jade Site, please scroll down a little ways to the passage on how to join the ring. Also, if you know html, I don't mind some help with the ring, thank you.

Email me at in the meantime.

Gold Dust Woman by Stevie Nicks

The Mara Jade Links Page Mara Jade Pictures
A tribute page to friends Books, Comics, etc.
Oooh! That man! It's Club Skywalker!

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Here is how you can join the ring.

Joining the Mara Jade Webring means that you'll be joining a unique webring dedicated to one of literature's well loved characters. It also means that you put some HTML-Code into your page, that includes the Mara Jade Webring Banner. Just head to the joining the Mara Jade Webring section, everything is explained more precisely to you there, and don't worry, it's not that hard. Click on the big Mara Jade Webring Logo and join today!


The Mara Jade Webring has changed, it has a new look and it works better! I like to thank MJade for the wonderful job she's done, she has helped my out. When going into the links page, please visit her site, Mara Jade, By the Emperor's Hand.


Other Webrings that Gold Dust Woman belongs to

The Mara Jade comic book cover is by Killian Plunkett

This is the fourth cover of the Mara Jade Comic Book. It's already on your comic book store shelves! Pick yourself up a copy today. It takes place during the events of Return of the Jedi and after Jedi. The comic is a collaboration by Timothy Zahn and Mike Stackpole and it is illustrated by Carlos Ezquerra and distributed by Dark Horse. By the way, I love this cover, I look like that in the morning when I don't have my coffee. "And her friends say she's so pretty, she'd be a little prettier if she smiled once in a while." Shawn McMullin: Lullabye

Do you want to hear what I sound like, I'm pretty loud, make sure you're the only one in the house. Girl Power


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Star Wars, Mara Jade, and other Star Wars related things are property of George Lucas.

I like to thank my fellow Stevie Nicks Friend, Brian for the midi and his awesome Stevie Nicks Page!

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