Greetings and Welcome to my page.
Here you will find some information about me as well as some other surprises.

--Lady Strigoiua

My History:
First and Formost, my name is pronounced: Lady Strig-oy-a. I am a Toreador created by a vampire named Vectramous many years ago. Vectramous watched me for many months in the shadows. He knew i was interested in the supernatural and immortal because he read my thoughts. He eventually fell in love with me and to be with me, gave me the dark gift. After many years of being together, we could no longer learn from eachother, so, I fled from him. Last i heard he was killed somewhere in England; but you never can tell. Sometimes i feel as if he is watching me, waiting for the perfect time to reveal himself.
I can be seen on UPN's "Real Vampires....Exposed", (aired on Jan. 20th), and reside in NYC where I lead a wonderful life. I am a Dominatrix at heart and can often be found playing with a certain thrall....

you can find me at:
The Vampire Court

Beseen's version of a Vampire Chat.

On March 15th Mother in NYC had the grand opening of Fang Club Gotham. A sister club to the Fang Club LA. It was a great time and continues to be every week so please join me. You can get information on it by visiting the Fang Club website. Also, you can visit one of my favorite sites at Sabretooth, to find out the happenings of NY vampyres.

I can be seen this week in person:

When i am not moonlighting to find victims, i am an Exotic Dancer at The Navel Base in North Bergen, NJ.
I can be seen there this month, November: 5th and 7th.

At the Gold Mine in Rutherford NJ,: November 3

You can e-mail me at

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