This is Papaver's Gallery of Cemetery Pictures

Going over the site I realized that it desperately needs an overhaul. So I will hook up the scanner and redo much of the pics. Also I have some fantastic stuff from Napa and Colma that I'm just dying(no puns here!)to put up. I'm also adding a link to my other sites.
This will be just a very simple site showcasing my photography over the years. Cemetery statuary and architecture has always fascinated me and I've been haunting graveyards for many years. I am presenting these pictures from the earliest to the present and there will not be much commentary beyond a location. If you wish to enjoy, do so. I have tried to keep these pics under 300kb for faster loading.


Page 1 The West Brompton Cemetery in London
Page 2 W B C in London cont.
Page 3 W B C in London cont.

Santa Rosa, California

Page 4 The Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery in California
Page 5 More Sr Pics
Page 6 More Sr Pics
Page 7 More...
Page 8 More...

Coos Bay, OR & Sr, Ca

Page 17 Coos River cemetery and SR Graveyard

Sacramento & Bodeaga, Ca

Page 9 Sacramento cemetery and Bodega Graveyard

SanFrancisco, Ca

Page 10 The SanFrancisco Columbarium
Page 11 The SanFrancisco Columbarium cont.
Page 18 More of The SanFrancisco Columbarium
Page 19 SanFrancisco Columbarium cont.
Page 20 SanFrancisco Columbarium cont.
Page 12 The SanFrancisco Columbarium cont.

Petaluma, Ca

Page 13 The Petaluma Cemetery
Page 14 The Petaluma Cemetery cont.
Page 15 The Petaluma Cemetery cont.

Pet. & Sebastopol, Ca

Page 16 The Petaluma Cemetery & The Sebastopol Graveyard

Sonoma Graveyard

Page 21 Sonoma

Page 22 Sonoma

Page 23 Sonoma

Hudson, NH

Page 24 New Hampshire

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