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Greetings eye-weary traveler! In treading the great agglomeration of data known as the Web, you have at last found refuge from the lacklustre, the pointless, the mind-numbing...

Oh, wait...no you haven't... ::sweatdrops::

Anyway, welcome to the 'Net dwelling of Brand Half-panda, a sleep-deprived, anime-obsessed, self-effacing lad possessing a horrid sense of humor, a disturbing propensity for stream-of-consciousness babbling, and who likes to call himself an artist but who really shouldn't be saying either lest he offend the actual artists out there who would no doubt beat him to a giant bloody pulp should they catch wind of it.

Here one can find, should they choose to imperil their sanity (or at least their current state of wakefulness), a small collection of drawings by said "artist" (there's that word again) and a humble collection of gateways to other grander places (just leave now, it's not worth hanging around).

Enjoy your stay, but just remember to take everything you bring in back out with you (what with his bad attitude toward cleaning and I say it already is a bloody mess in here...)

Recent Updates

12/11/03 -- Yes, it's been a while, shut up! :� Anyway, minor update here..updated my age and added some new favorite anime and games in my profile, and messed around with a lot of my artwork, reducing file sizes for faster loading and changing all the black and white .jpgs into .gifs. Huzzah. >^o^<

01/16/03 -- added several online test result graphics and accompanying links to my Links page, as well as took a ton of not-so-recent "Recent Updates" out of this listing. Guess I'll make a separate page for old updates sometime. Some other time. >^_^<

12/03/02 -- replaced the linkbutton to my central art page, and took off all the silly little World of Darkness symbols from the sides of this page. Also, a new/reloaded pic has been up on the Kemono page since I believe the 17th of October. I kept forgetting to mention it here. But then, I'm an idiot, so it doesn't surprise anyone.

10/03/02 (#2) -- Two updates in a 24-hour period...scary...anyway, made and loaded the linkbanners for my art pages. Not much, but at least the site's vaguely shaping up now.

10/03/02 -- New content added! Wow! ::end mock enthusiasm:: Ahem...anyway, I added a modest profile page (the link can be found below), added a couple entries to the Links page, and finally got the link button for the Cabbit Protection League up (see the Cliques area, above). And it took less than three months. I'm getting faster. Now, if only I could draw something that I could actually put up here...

Jya ne!

* * *

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Quote of the Undetermined-Time-Period

"All is flux, and nothing stands still."
-- Plato