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Hello, and Welcome to my Site

This site is an art exhibit—a showcase of my talents and abilities.  Contained herein are various examples of my work, organized into three basic categories of technique and form.  I've also included a page about myself, and one for feedback.  Please move your cursor over the link buttons below for further elaboration.

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I hope you enjoy your visit.  I've placed no restrictions on my work as yet, so it's freely available to anyone who knows how to copy-and-paste web images onto their computer.  That's OK by me—all advertising is good advertising.  I only request that you tell others where you got them, or at least, where you saw them.

Of course, if you like what you see, then let me know!  If you like the style and are interested in commissioning some projects, tell me about it.  Even if you're not exactly sure about what it is that you want, I'm sure I could be of service to you.  Please visit my CONTACT ME! page for any questions, comments, critiques, kudos, appraisals, insights, or manic ravings you care to lodge.  

Be sure to bookmark this site and check back periodically for new stuff.

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