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Wrestler of the Week:Crippler

Angle/Feud of the week:Scitzo Brisco Bo and Marcus Shane

Match of the week:Shane Steel vs. Justin Hazzard

New Era Wrestling is independent backyard wrestling federation. With talent in all areas of wrestling skills, N.E.W. is the future of wrestling. N.E.W. is sometimes reconized to be like ECW because of its hardcore nature. Some of the extreme wrestling that is done is barely legal. N.E.W. is an original federation which is turning a new era in wrestling today.

N.E.W. is popular in their home town and soon to be around their neighboring areas. Their wrestling style is unique and all the high risk and techincal moves are greatly executed. This is the Official Homepage of New Era Wrestling!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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N.E.W. Extreme Saturday Night

TNT Sportscenter Schectady, NY.

Rags vs. Squege

These two men brawled for a long time and Rags seemed to have control after a few elbow smashes off the top rope and a bulldog. But Squege came back with a ddt, shoulder tackle and a body slam. The match ended when Squege hit the "Carwash" and got the two count on Rags.
Promo for Poland Springs water by Brisco Bo, very funny<

Wreckless vs. Adam Absolute Tegnander

These men gave it their all, and beat each others brains out. Wreckless hit a ddt while Adam hit a back body drop. After intense wrestling Wreckless came out on top with the 1...2...3.

Marcus Shane vs. The Crippler vs. Junkyard Jeff

Marcus Shane came out talking about a new group, cliq that would be started. These 3 got it on and They double teamed Crippler right away. Jeff and Shane hit some estonishing moves. Jeff and Shane double teamed Crippler until he came back with a huge suplex and body slams. Shane hit a spinning heel kick and Jeff hit a frog splash. The double teaming continued with some comebacks by the Crippler. Shane hit the Guilletine leg Drop on Crippler but he was too close to the ropes. Crippler started to come back by hitting some big moves then Justin Hazzard runs into the ring and the three men beat on Crippler. Then Shane Steel and Briso made the save and Shane and Justin were thrown out of the ring only to see Jeff have the Meltdown Delivered to him. Shane retains title since the match wasnt for the belt.

South Side Soldier Stevie Styles vs. Scitzo Brisco Bo

Bo came out and challenge Styles since he had made a challenge to NEW's most hardcore wrestlers. Bo said the only way Styles could stay in NEW was to wrestle him. They started off the match with Bo slapping the HELL out of him and hitting some knife edgechops. Bo hit a piledrive and a backbreaker. Stevie came back when he hit a Front Face neckbreaker and a Hip toss. Brisco retailated with a low blow then a Brisco DDT and applied the Figure Four using the Rope for leverage. The ref broke up the hold because of that. Brisco brawled with Stevie Styles for a while and Styles came back with a suplex but Bo ended coming up on top after putting Styles to sleep with the Sleeper.

Justin Hazzard vs. Shane Steel

Justin Started off the match with a some rough punched to Steel's cranium and hit a back body drop. Shane took the offense when he slammed Hazzard's face off the ground when he went for a 2nd back body drop. Steel hit a suplex and a ddt. Hazzard returned with a rocker dropper, A fall away slam, a Huge Powerbomb and a frog splash. Steel then whipped Hazzard into the corner but Hazzard came straight back with a closeline. Steel gave a swift punch to Justin's balls and took the lead. Steel gave some knees to Hazzards stomach and a ddt. Hazzard came back after exchangin blows with Steel and hit a body slam and a frog splash. The two men battled back and forth like their old matches from 98' until Steel hit a pedigree and Hazzard rolled out of the ring only to see the Crippler there, who smashed a guitar over Justin's head and roll him back in the ring. Steel got a 3 count and wont the match. Junkyard Jeff made the save and got Hazzard out of there as Extreme Saturday Night ended.
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