Glen-kun no Uchi

23rd February, 2000.


My name is Glen, and, if you hadn't guessed by the greeting, I'm Australian [i.e. an Aussie].  I'm 28 years old and am a passionate student of Japanese language and culture.  I started studying Japanese by doing a year at university, then just toyed with it as a hobby for a few years, and finally took the big step of going to live and work in Japan in 1997.  I came back after a year-and-a-half in September 1998, with a vocabulary of about 1400 kanji, a much wider basic vocabulary, and some great memories.  Special thanks go to my two Japanese teachers, Mrs Hiroko Iwasaki, and Mrs Hisae Yoshikawa, who put up with my special requests for "What does this mean?" and "How do I say this?" regardless of what they had planned for the day's lesson.

I hope with this site, that I can introduce you to some of my favourite anime [Japanese animation], manga [Japanese comic books], give you the opportunity to learn a little japanese [or a little Japanese culture], or maybe just browse a few of my links.

This is my first web page, so things can only get better...

Today's entry:

Some of my favourite links.

Got some photos of my friends.