This is  my contribution to showcasing
black art. In the art  from our people you find so many aspects of the black experience. I see the attitude,the loving,the music,the rythm,the happiness.the sadness, and all things that
that makes us as a culture so  amazing.
  I hope  that you see some of what I see
in the art. All the art  found here on my page can be viewed and bought at


I guess I need to tell  a little something about mysef.  I almost 41 and  I have a son that is
13. Of course he is my greatest joy.  My name is Olivia and I live in Tennessee.I have been chatting and playing around on the PC for about2 years now. This is  my second attempt at a web page. I hope to be changing the art periodically,so come back and check.

you can e-mail me  at: