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Updated 9/29

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've had my hands tied with the birth of my daughter. I hope to redesign the site and post more information when I get the time.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me with this page. Especially to those supplying the Kevin Smith version, the Dan Gilroy synopsis and the Superman script by Alex Ford.

Ford's script was first brought to my attention after the report on Ain't It Cool News around the end of January.

Since then, reviews and plot synopsis have appeared on many Superman and movie rumor sites such as Dark Horizons, Superman Cinema and Fabio2's Superman Site.

Everyone is free to post whatever they would like from this site, all I ask is that a link to this page be added to your page in return and to let me know your site address so I may start a links page. Now back to the scripts...

I have aquired through a source in LA, a copy of the Ford script. Let me tell you, the other reviews are true.

It is an excellent script, capturing the feel of the Reeve movies and the comic book while staying true to the icon that is Superman.

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I've installed a Java applet chat room. The Chat is open to anything Superman... Movies, comics, TV, scripts, and rumors. If anyone has a suggestion for a day or time for a regular chat, please let me know. Thank you.

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For comparison, I have posted the first 25 pages along with the entire Alex Ford script, the entire Kevin Smith script and a synopsis of the Dan Gilroy script .

Thanks to everyone who has helped with these pages.

Thanks to those who have allowed me to get in touch with Alex Ford. Mr. Ford thanks all of his supporters and I am in talks with him about scheduling a meeting or interview soon. I do apologize for posting his E-mail address. Any questions or comments for Mr. Ford can be sent to me.

E-Mail me with comments/questions/news.

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