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Real Name: Cassie St. Commons
First Appearance (Peter Parker): Spiderman #91
First Appearance (Cassie St. Commons): Slingers #0 (in continuity)

Abilities: Costume allows her to appear and disappear into an ethereal mist.

Raised in Connecticut, Cassie St. Commons grew up in a rich, previliged family. Going into highschool, she grew interested in goth culture. She eventually made her way to New York, where she was given the "Dusk" costume, whose origin is from the Negative Zone where Annihilus dwells, once worn by Spiderman. Very early in her soon-to-be superhero career, she was seemingly killed on an innocent training session, where she stepped off the ledge of a building rather than jumping. However, days later, she resurrected from her "death", unaware of what was happening with her. It is currently unknown exactly how she was able to "raise from the dead". To this day, Cassie is finding more and more changes since her "death", like mysterious new powers surfacing. Her teammate Hornet seems to have romantic interests in her, though she does not realize it.

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    Hornet HORNET
    Real Name: Eddie McDonough
    First Appearance (Peter Parker): Sensational Spiderman #27
    First Appearance (Eddie McDonough): Slingers #0 (in continuity)

    Abilities: Possesses an cybernetic exo-skeleton which lets him fly and gives him enhanced strength. Recently, the suit was modified to have a "laser stinger". In the suit, Eddie's palsied arm is fully functional.

    Eddie McDonough, a freshman student at Empire State University, is what many would consider a "nerd" or bookworm. Eddie is constantly studying, and the wealth of information he has in his head is astounding. However, there is a reason for his days alone studying -- Eddie is horribly insecure of himself, as he has a palsied arm. The members of the Slingers all have their reasons for being a superhero, and Eddie is no different. Since his special costume allows his palsied arm to move and function properly, Eddie does not dream of giving the suit back. Though Hornet may not seem like it outside of the suit, he is quite possibly the most sensible and level-headed within the group. He currently has some romantic interest with his teammate, Dusk -- Cassie St. Commons.

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    Prodigy PRODIGY
    Real Name: Ritchie Gilmore
    First Appearance (Peter Parker): Spectacular Spiderman #257
    First Appearance (Ritchie Gilmore): Slingers #0 (in continuity)

    Abilities: Bullet-proof costume gives Prodigy enhanced strength and flight abilities.

    Ritchie Gilmore is a student at Empire State University with a wrestling scholarship. By far the most serious of the group, Prodigy is a perfectionist -- he always wants things to go as he plans. As mentioned, he is strict and controlling, with absolutely no sign of a sense of humor. From issues #1-#5, Prodigy religiously followed the Slingers' benefactor, the Black Marvel, in hopes of becoming a great superhero like his mentor was in the Golden Age, and winning the praise and adoration of millions. Despite warnings from his teammates, Prodigy continued to follow Black Marvel, blind to the old man's real plans. However, when Ritchie had realized the truth about the Black Marvel, it was far too late. Prodigy was forced to sacrifice his young life in order to hold up a burning building so others may have enough time to evacuate. It is unknown whether or not Prodigy lived.

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    Ricochet RICOCHET
    Real Name: Johnny Gallo
    First Appearance (Peter Parker): Amazing Spiderman #434
    First Appearance (Johnny Gallo): Slingers #0 (in continuity)

    Abilities: Mutant powers include superhuman agility and precision, as well as a "danger-sense" (think Spiderman's "spider-sense").

    A mutant at birth, Johnny Gallo is, like most homo-superiors, keeping his genetic "defect" a secret. He lives in Brooklyn and attends Empire State University. Johnny's mother died when he was still young, which affected both him and his father greatly. Ricochet is probably the most similar to Spiderman out of the four Slingers, in terms of powers and sense of humor. Often times, however, that sense of humor and carelessness gets him into trouble. Johnny gets along perfectly with teammate Hornet, but has a strained relationship with Prodigy, whose personality is perhaps the complete opposite of his. Ricochet blames Prodigy's dislike of him due to the fact that Rico was first to be "picked" to be a Slinger. Johnny currently works part-time at a video rental store. His girlfriend, Kathy, has just recently found out his secret identity as Ricochet.

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