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  • Saturday, April 24, 1999
    Been awhile since my last update, huh? There's a perfectly logical reason for this, which is due to the lack of interest. No, I haven't lost interest in Slingers (which continues to be one of my favorite titles) -- it is the website I've lost interest in. Due to lack of visitor interest, I've decided I shouldn't waste my time on this site. I haven't received a single word of feedback - good OR bad - from anybody for about a month now. And other comic book website owners can sympathize with me, since feedback is the driving force behind the whole page. I'm not making any money off this site, and feedback from visitors was the only thing I gained in return for my hard work. Unfortunately, I didn't get any. Not that I'm blaming you, of course, it's just I'm not motivated to do this site anymore. However, if you like Generation X, you may want to check out my other site, located at It's dedicated to Gen X's M, and I promise you this site will last a lot longer. :)

  • Slingers Will Live On!
    On another, happier note, Joseph Harris told Newsarama that Slingers will continue on at LEAST until issue #12, despite low ratings. If ratings don't start to rise anytime soon, however, Slingers will not go on beyond that issue. So PLEASE, I'm urging everyone to at least try out an issue of Slingers. With original and realistic characters, interesting plots, and great artwork by ChrisCross, Slingers is definitely worth your money.

  • Saturday, March 27, 1999
    Two updates today -- the first and more important being the debut of a brand new section here at SLINGERSweb! Yes, if you didn't see it on the main page, there is now a Slingers trivia page. Test your Slingers knowledge, and have your test marked (geez... it's just like being at school! =). And the other update being the Slingers Webring I've just joined. Check it out on the home page.

  • Thursday, March 25, 1999
    Due to's unreliability and server "down" times, I have (reluctantly) moved the site to GeoCities. As we all know, GeoCities is perhaps the most famous and, in turn, most stable and reliable free webspace provider around. Hopefully, with SLINGERSweb being up 24/7, 100% of the time, this will also mean more visitors. Another bonus GeoCities provides is a lot more exposure, with the GeoGuide program, and listings which are seen by millions of people per day. Yes, the short URL is gone, and there's now that banner at the bottom of all pages, but I assure you -- it's all for the better. The new URL is:

    Please update any and all links and/or bookmarks you may have had. Thanks!

  • Tuesday, March 23, 1999
    The discussion board has been taken down. As explained earlier, we were experiencing some "technical difficulties" with the script, and with seemingly no solution or help in sight, I've decided to close it down temporarily. It will, of course, be up and running again one day, but when that day is -- even I don't know yet. So please bear with SLINGERSweb for the near future while we get these little kinks out of our system. However, I *am* working on a links page, and that should be up by next week. Enjoy! :)

  • Friday, March 19, 1999
    New previews for June's Slingers #9. Go head down to the previews section of the page to read up on what to expect...

  • More news from Joseph Harris...

    #6 is SUPPOSED to be out on the 31st, I believe. This isn't happening, unfortunately. #6 is shipping at least a week late, possibly two.

    The good news is we SHOULD be totally back on schedule after that, with #7 coming out on time and only 2 weeks after the late #6 ships.

  • Thursday, March 18, 1999
    SLINGERSweb website is now fully functional and is "open" to the public! All sections within the site are newly updated with the latest Slingers information. Be sure to check out the dicussion board and leave your comments, questions, etc. regarding the series there. To leave comments, suggestions, and/or questions regarding the site, go to the contact form and drop me a line. And lastly, the site is looking for Slingers-related fan-fiction! Head over to the fan-fiction archive for more details. Please remember SLINGERSweb is still extremely new, and will continually grow and expand as time goes by.

  • Joseph Harris speaks out about Slingers
    Joseph Harris, who makes regular appearances at Jonah Weiland's Comic Book Resources Marvel message board, had this to say there:

    "Interestingly, Marvel is contemplating a "Save Slingers" site at the Marvel AOL Site and Website. We'll see how this all comes to fruition.

    In the meantime, look for a beautiful house ad running through all the Marvel books next month (similar to the Avengers Forever ad in them, now). The ad reprints all the positive and flattering quotes Wizard gave the book and myself last month.

    You guys can help, though... if you really want to, that is. Spread the word. *Write* to Marvel and tell them you want this book around. The company can be a little slow in noticing buzz. And I would hate to see this book go away just as we're picking up steam."

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    P R E V I E W S

    By Joseph Harris, Chriscross, Rob Stull
    From the dank depths of the stinking sewers comes... the Griz! Exposed to dangerous chemicals during his employ with the Maggia, blue-collar transit worker Mac Garrity is transsformed into the ghastly vermin-controlling Griz! This underground dwelling monster blames others for his revolting condition - namely, Ricochet and company!

    By Joseph Harris, Chriscross, Rob Stull
    Will Hornet be mutated into a sewer freak by The Griz?! It certainly looks that way - unless Ricochet and Dusk can ignore the stench and save their bud! Plus: Prodigy persues the secret source of his powers!

    By Joseph Harris, Chriscross, Rob Stull
    Johnny Gallo was a mutant way before he became Ricochet. And we all know mutants are ripe targets for the deranged Nanny and her deadly Orphan Maker! And when they set their sites on adding Johnny to their fold, everyone he holds dear are drawn into the line of fire!

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