The Gateway to the Emerald Moors

The Gateway to the Emerald Moors is an incipient (newly-forming) local branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism serving Seneca and Wyandot Counties in Ohio
Updated January 24th 2002

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The Emerald Beast Prowls Again!

Here is where we have all of the information on our upcoming event. April 27th at Walnut Grove campgrounds. Download our flyer. We are featuring a rapier tournament. For complete scenarios and point systems, click here.

Contact Information

Acting Seneschal

Cadmar Loche
(Jim Frisch)



Otto Von Bayern
(Jim Faeth)



Lady Marion
(Ruth Weininger)


Knight Marshal

(Phil Lawrence)


Meeting Information

Meetings are at 7:00pm, USUALLY on the second Monday and third Tuesday of each month (Meeting Calendar coming soon). The Monday meeting is for a program and business. The Tuesday meeting is for an activity. Recent activities include a heraldry workshop, a Christmas potluck feast and gems of the middle ages.

Our meetings are held at:

Go to the RED dot!Oceola Theater
Gillmor Center
Miami St.
Tiffin University
Tiffin, OH


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