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You step off of the dragon that you were riding, a little sick, and look around. You are in a strange new world, over to your left is a young woman and a dragon, sitting at the edge of the shore, basking in the sun. "Hello," you say. She turns around slowly, "Hullo, my name is Gen'Li, loosly translated it means wise in magic." You smile at Gen'Li and go sit down next to her, but a far away from the intimidating dragon as you can. "Would you like to hear my story?" She asks. You nod your head. "You are on the planet Simirah. I've lived here all my life. When I was little it was so pleasent here, all of the dragons and humans lived together in peace and harmony. But then both of my parents, the king and queen of the humans on Smirah, got killed by a evil dragon named Krinson and it sent the whole planet into a war that was just resolved, a little while ago.
The war started fourteen years ago, I was three and an only child. For a while, well until I was seven I was forced to live with my horrid Aunt Grea until she died too. So I was left to be a wanderer...alone. I wandered from place to place for about a year. Then I met Shyne," she juestures over to the dragon next to her, "an orphaned dragon who was only 300 years old," She pauses for a breath, "Isn't that kind of old?" you ask. Gen'Li smiles, "No, you may think that she was really old but you are wrong. Dragons live for centuries. So Shyne was only an infant when I met her.
From the first time I saw Shyne we have been lifelong friends. You would think that we would hate each other because my parents were killed by a dragon and Shyne's parents were killed by humans but we are both princesses," "What?" you interupt. "Her parents were king and queen of the Clan of the Blue Pearl, and it was friendship at first sight.
Ever since we have done everything together. Right now we are living underwater," "But how do you breathe underwater?" You ask. "Well, I have a breathing pearl. It lets me open my eyes and breathe underwater also it keeps me warm when I'm in great depths of water, so, would you like me to show you around?" You nod your head excitedly. "Well, the closest places to here are, the Poiuy Mountains, or the Polked Feild.

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