...Sometime in the not-so-distant future. Why is it that you never want to leave the refugee camp that you call home? You've spent most of your living years here, training to be an explorer; an adventurer. Now you are fully equipped and about to begin your battle against the undead forces that have conquered the Earth. But are you prepared to face the deviant spirits and servants of the Dark Domain?
DARK DOMAIN is a role-playing game soon (hopefully) to be released by Sykotronik Productions. Permit me now to introduce myself; I am
Dostah Shilailee, creator of many things and mastermind of Sykotronik. So, what exactly is the Dark Domain about? It's about survival. It takes place in a time when humans become the minorities, with the undead taking over as the dominant species. It's an RPG, and allows you as a player to use your imagination and become a character stuck in this desperate world full of black magick and wicked creatures. I am also working on a trilogy of short stories and a soundtrack based on the Dark Domain.
This page is still under major construction, so in the meantime email me if this sounds like your cup of tea.
If you'd like to preview the Dark Domain trilogy, a little taste of it is available here, with more info on the way.
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