She's not just a Princess; She's an Adventure!

Back From the Halls of Forever

I'm back. What was that again? I can't remember.

I was resting so peacefully; at least for this 100 years. Then I heard a strange calling unlike any I'd yet heard. Then saw light once again. The first real light I'd seen in centuries.

I remember now. It's finally happened! I'm awakened in answer to an ancient prophecy.

My brother awaits.

Our faithful guardians as well.

But where are they? I cannot find them! Great Isis, show me the way!

Brother, hear me calling you. My guardians, hear me! I can feel your presence in this strange place.


Someone else is here! He who killed us so long ago! The evil one! Traitor to the Crown of Amenhotep; our great father!

Stay away from him! Away from them! You'll not win again! Thanks to the teachings of the ancient ones, I am stronger now. My tutor, forgive me! I never told you your teachings were not enough.

My soul has found theirs. The fates have spoken. We have been reawakened to protect that which we lost so long ago on that faraway desert in a time long since passed to memory. We have a second chance to make it right. WE have a chance to make it right.

Will the fates be kind?

Come into our world to see what is going on with this reawakend Princess!

Updated on 30 July 2000