Marie Dissmore

18257 Melby St.   Whitehall, Wisconsin 54773    715-538-4226     Email Me

Hi. Let me tell you about myself.
I am from Whitehall Wisconsin.
My husband is Roger Dissmore.
I have 7 children and 25 grandchildren.
I have written several books
that I would like to share with you today.
Enjoy the website and write me soon.

This is my husband Roger and I
with the marimba.
See below for some artwork I have had the privilege of doing

Also check out the website my son Perry designed for the West Florida District of the Assemblies of God
West Florida

By our piano in our Whitehall home

Our Frosty Home

Books I've Written

1. Fleeing with Her Children

This is book about Martha Troper, a lady who escaped from Poland during World War II. She saw Hitler himself. This book talks about the miracles that allowed them to come to America. ($5.95)
(Sorry, all sold out)

2. Country Acres and Coral City School Days

This is a book about my life growing up on the farm near Whitehall Wisconsin and how my husband and I grew up
in the same area. ($5.95)
(Sorry, all sold out)

3. Thorns among the Roses

A book about our 42 years of marriage and ministry beginning with the big bouquet of roses I carried at our wedding. There were many thorns along the way that made our hearts bleed, but God has brought us through every one.($9.50)
"Thorns among Roses" can be purchased for $11
which includes shipping and handling, while supplies last.
Books may be purchased by sending a check to above address.

I love Art and Music

Noah's Ark is a mural I painted freehand in 1999 on a wall at the Milltown Lutheran Church where I worked as secretary

This is a mural I painted on
our garage where we live in Whitehall.

These are the converted beer bottles.