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I love bad movies. The worse, the better. The films reviewed herein are not only movies that I own, but ones that I have watched from painful beginning to bitter end. This is a place for all who love to loathe the worst film and video have to offer. Bottom of the barrel, you have my word.

Bad Action Movies

Bad action movies generally consist of cliched dialogue, blatent, largely unnessary, (and oftentimes improbbable) explosions, bad guys who inevitably get shot and fall over a railing, and the tough guy hero who fights crime his way to the constant chagrin of his new partner and ulcer ridden superiors.

Oh, and the occasional Martial Arts movie. Enjoy.

Bad Science Fiction Movies

Bad science fiction fails on a number of levels. Sub-standard special effects (and that's special effects by today's standards) does not automatically mean bad science fiction. Some of the best science fiction out there - movies and television - have effects that, by current standards, seem shoddy. The bad science fiction film suffers, mainly, from poor writing. Without an intriguing idea, well thought out plotting, and some good dialogue you might as well stop there. Unfortunately, the makers of bad science fiction don't stop there. They usually end up ripping off a successful idea, re-interpreting it in their own cliche ridden way, hire the most mediocre actors ever to walk the earth, throw in cheap (or borrowed!) special effects- even by special effects standards, and then expect us to love it!

Why? Because it's science fiction! Who cares!

Well, I care....

Bad Horror Movies

Things that go bump in the night, evil slashers out to chop off your face, glowing eyes staring at you through the window, walking corpses that will stop at nothing to get you.... Scary? In the hands of competent film makers, maybe. In the hands of the people who made the following

Guilty Pleasures & Hidden Treasures

Every now and then I come across a movie that, for all intents and purposes, is a bad movie (at least, if not blatently bad, it has the look and feel of a bad movie). And yet, for some reason or another I find myself actually liking the movie. Even though I hate to admit it sometimes, there are some stinkers that I love to watch. And maybe you will too. They are, indeed, guilty pleasures.

Also, on occasion, I pick up a movie that looks about as bad as they come only to find, upon watching, a fairly decent little movie. Sub-par acting here and there, perhaps a cheesy effect or two, but nothing that prevents the earnest efforts of the filmmakers to shine through. These are hidden treasures.


Every so often a movie I find a bad movie that just doesn't fit easily into either the Action, Horror, or Science Fiction catagories. These are the 'Other' movies. Be warned: they are just as bad as anything the other three catagories have to offer.
Take a look....

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