The country's been taken over by the forces of evil and the troops preparing to invade are even worse, the dwarves hate the elves and the elves hate the dwarves and everyone hates the humans, enemy troops roam the cities, bandits roam the roads and monsters roam everywhere else, your mother was burned as a witch and your father died of the plague, you've got no money and no home, someone's painted your horse orange, your best friend is goblin with brain damage and you've narrowly avoided being killed by a cow...

Welcome to

Where Am I?

Whether by accident or design, You've arrived at the home page for Bohavia - an AD&D RPG PBeM

 A What!?

Sorry - I guess that you must have got here by accident. It's an acronym for an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Role Playing Game Played By e-Mail (click a link to find out more information on any of the terms)

 So What's On This Site?

On this site, you'll find complete information concerning the world in which Bohavia is set, including the history, geography and other information, complete descriptions of all of the PC's and key NPC's appearing in the campaign, the story of the campaign and links to other places of interest for AD&D players and DM's.

 Can I Play?

The honest answer is 'probably not', I'm afraid. The seven players in the game all went through a rigorous selection process in order to ensure that only the very best and most dedicated role players got to play in the game and there is currently no room in the game for any more players. However, if you really, really want to join the campaign, then there might be a small chance to play at some time in the future. If you are interested then the first thing that you need to do is become a 'lurker' 'Lurkers' are copied on all of the e-mails from the players and DM, so 'lurkers' get to see the full story. For full details on becoming a 'lurker' check out How To Lurk. If or when one of the current players quits the campaign, then a replacement player will be chosen from the 'lurkers'. If you really can't wait to get into a game, then check out the links page to see information as to how you can get into a different game very quickly.

So What's The Point Of Looking Through The Site If I Can't Play?

Good question. Actually, there's quite a lot here for you even if you're not interested in playing or lurking. If you're a fan of fantastic fiction, then the story on this site will keep you going for weeks, as it is the equivalent of more than four novels. For DM's, there's loads of material that you can plagiarize to death with my blessing, including a bunch of colorful NPC's ranging from gay dwarves to evil death priests, floor plans for a variety of buildings and loads of adventure hooks, just to name a few. Also, check out the links section for a list of some of the best resources on the web. There's also a section of useful information for anyone interested in starting a PBeM of their own.

But Is It Any Good?

Don't ask me - I'm biased! Instead, have a look at what the Great RPG Archive had to say about the site:

Bohavia, what an incredible world! The history of Bohavia and current affairs bundled with a beautiful map of the region. Summaries of the action provide a storybook-like flow that is a good read. Nick's soapbox is a must read for all PBeM gamers. It provides a detailed account of how to improve your play. The Links page is not the usual sort listing with random listing of sites, but a thoughtout resource that is useful for both beginners and experts. I highly recommend this site and commend its author for his work and commitment to the game. - Ur-Lord

Overall (100%) : 99

You don't believe me? Then check it out for yourself (you Doubting Thomas!)

OK - So Let Me See The Rest Of The Site

A Brief History of Bohavia

Life in Bohavia Today

The Geography of Bohavia

Map of Bohavia

Floor Plans

The Pantheon of Bohavia

Players' Notes

Armor In Bohavia

Key Characters in the Campaign

The Story So Far

How To Lurk

PBeM Advice

About The DM

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