Hey! Thanks for coming to our web page! You most of you probably allready know, our names are Ryan and Mike and we live in the "GREAT" town of Chambersburg Pa! We have changed our page COMPLETELY about 3 times allready but HEY change is good right? Well you will find some interesting stuff here such as sound files, funny pictures, and other hillarious stuff! We also have our profiles and our pictures here. Right now we are in the middle of COMPLETELY changing it again (which started 12-10-99) We are almost done. We're still working on some little things. So go have fun!! ***Also, we dont have a links button up yet so if you would like to check our links out CLICK HERE to go to the links page. IF you have any advice please e-mail us or put it in our guestbook. Thanks!

Read This!! Yes it IS real and was not altered!

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