to other sites containing .wav or EPS samples
SOUNDCENTRAL---A wonderful site containing TONS of samples in
both .wav and EPS formats.
Rubber Chicken Software---This guy loves Ensoniq! Check out lots
of free demo samples (very professional sounds). He's also made
an EPS/ASR editor for Windows. Check the demo. Commercial site.
Carthago's Ensoniq Page---contains some useful samples.
It's in german, but there's enough english to find your way
MIDIMARK---Lots of sample disks for Ensoniq, Akai, Roland,
and Kurzweil. Even a demo disk for the EPS. Commercial site.
Elsoniq---Elson's Ensoniq EPS sound-swap site. Mostly
drums and drum loops-good ones at that! He's made an
icon for EPSDisk that's available there.
Brick City---This guy has sampled some analog 'boards like
the Moog/Realistic MG-1, Yamaha CS1x, and the Roland Juno 106.
Check out his site for some unique samples.