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Welcome to Michael's Machiavellian, macroscopic, magical, magnetic, maligned, malleable, mangled, maniacal, masticated, mawkish, meandering, mensal, mental, meritorious, mesmerized, metaphysical, mettlesome, miasmal, mighty, mired, mirthful, misbegotten, mischievous, mislaid, misrepresented, misunderstood, mistrusted, mocked, modest, modified, moist, moldy, molested, mortal, mortgaged, motley, mourned, muffled, muggy, munificent, murky, musing, mutilated, muttering, muzzled, but, mainly, messy madhouse!!

This is supposed to be the
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I screwed it up. So, sue me, okay?

If you have an overwhelming urge to see what I look like (like you really have that kind of sick urge, right?) you can click here. Or was it here? Who knows, it might even be over here. Dang, I forget. Well, I'm sure you will enjoy both. Maybe. Possibly. (And, NO, I will not be held responsible for damage to your mouse or keyboard from...... nevermind.)

Well, heck, I'd say that this thing is under construction, but, that would be the wimp's way out, as I say. Better to say that it will ALWAYS be "worked on", "updated", "fooled with", and, bsically, "twisted in strange and unusual ways"!!

Anyway, here are some really good sites you can visit. (That is, unless you are afraid that the madness is contagious. Heheheheheheheh!!!)

Up to the minute weather predictions!!!
A good site to check the forecast!

Strange stuff in dog feces
Almost sounds too good to be true, eh?

A chart you can use to solve virtually ANY problem!

Meet the devil!

A journey I don't think you want to make!

Wall o Shame
A neat site. ('nuff said)

A Humorous Look
Life is too short to take it seriously!

A grim story
A sad, but true, look at corporate America.

Freedom of Expression Censor-bait
A good site that deals with Freedom of Expression.
Be warned, it's not for the faint of heart!!

Scratch that ITCH!
Have an itch you can't reach? Try this site!

Poop Pourri
You want to know what this is? Check it out, I ain't gonna tell ya!

Laws to live (???) by.
A good rendition of cartoon laws.

The Barbie Chronicles
Want to know about that never-ending, never-aging, piece of plastic? (Maybe you do, but not me.)

Learn that Language!

A good translation of what you see on those letters from prospective employers and resumes.

Why ask WHY?
Want an answer to the person that always asks "why"? This is the place to go!

It's SNOT what you think!
Want to rate your skills? Check this out!

It's what you think! (I think)

Want to find out the way to get rid of that blind date? Check this out!

An Exploding Whale
The whale that goes "BOOM!"

"Mission Impossble" meets "The Twilight Zone"?
Huh? Got me on this one.

Strange and Unusual
A list of Strange and Unusual sites.
(Be warned -- these are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY not necessary to health, happiness, education or any committe for public safety, but, regardless of what you think, I like 'em!)

The Dilbert Zone
If you like the Dilbert comic strip, you'll love this site.

Just LOVE that "mystery meat"!
An ode to that delicious stuff from the can.

1001 things to do with Duct Tape
Like it says. If you want to know more, go for it.

Scary situations
THE "survival guide" for surviving scary situations!

Heartless Bitches International - "Deal With It!"
Saw this on the Science Fiction Channel.
(Before it turned into the:

"Really-Crappy-And-Stupid-Horror-Movies-With-An-Ocassional-Science-Fiction-Show-Thrown-In-For-Some- Unknown-Reason-Channel" that is.)

It's still good, though!!!!

A real killer!
Something you should know about!

Keepers Of Odd Knowledge!!!!!
Keepers Of Odd Knowledge!!!!!
It's not for everyone.
(Unless you like to gargle with peanut butter, that is.)
Keepers Of Odd Knowledge?????
Oh, almost forgot!
I even have another place where you can find 'em - check over here ---->
Keepers Of Odd Knowledge!!!!
<-- Maybe over there
Well, you should be able to find it, right?
(Actually, the first one is better. I think?)

Strange Universe
Yes, Virginia, it *IS* a strange universe.

Channel Roulette
Check this out to see what you can do with your very own tv!

Computer fun
A few really good stories about your friend and mine - the computer.

Oceania -- The Atlantis Project
This is yet another strange site. But interesting.

Pretty good!

I'm not gonna tell ya, I'm not gonna tell ya!

ParaScope News Home Page
Into the Paranormal? Check this out.

Kinda long, but a good explanation of childhood.

DigiCrime, Inc.
Scary, but informative, site about things that can happen to you (and your computer) on the Internet!

Political humor. (So, shoot me, okay???)

Want to find it, too? Check this out!

Wanna send me some mail? If ya do, you can reach me by e-mail at:
Michael @ Michael's Madhouse

You are number (can't count, so I'll guess at about.... uh... 4902? That sound about right to you?) of people-type persons to stop by and marvel at my messy madhouse. Don't you feel just special, or what?

Actually, it's more like you are number . Cool, huh?





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