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August 17th, 2002: After a long time of not updating this site, I'm going to close it. I am neither interested in Pokemon that much and don't have time. You can still check out the many different links and things this site has to offer, but it won't be updated and I won't be checking my email for this account. Thanks! -Goomba

May 7, 2001: I have decided to start building on my sites again. With the relese of many Pokemon movies, trading cards, and pictures, I'm going to have to re-do some pages. Stay tuned!

1/29/2000: Sorry about the lack of updates, Geocities has been doing crazy stuff lately and I havn't been able to work on my page. I'll be getting some new pictures up soon along with some an updated Cards page. I'm still looking for cards so if you are interested in tradeing, email me.

12/26/2000: Merry Christmas! Hope Santa brought you a bundle of presents and your tree did not tip over. Since I have some more time, I'll add some more stuff.

11/18/2000: Main page updated today and more to come in the next few days! Now you can ask me questions at my ICQ address. Also is a little bit, I will be working with a guest to make a new area in recongnition of the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver. -G-

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Sat. August 17th, 2002 at 1:00 PM

All pics are collected by Goombachu. Please ask permission before copying these files.