Moros roleplaying game

This is a self-build roleplaying game. A couple of years old but now available on the web.
Future updates will contain information about a cyberpunk setting and scenarios for every game will follow shortly.
Rules in reference format

Moros car racing

A car-racing game
Rules of the game

Fantasy wars

Now it is possible to create and play in your own fantasy world. Complete with monsters, evil races and dark magicians. You can play the hero's and armies to fight them.
Complete rules in reference format

Pages with race and unit information

A test map of the game

Lord of the Rings board game

The Totally new Board game of the Lord of the Rings is rich in atmophere. Here are extra rules to give the players some more opportunity to follow the original story line and have a bit more influence on the game itself.


To be able to write online RPG games I started on a very different project. It is a database that should be a fast as possible. When finished it can contain all the information of a world to play in including the evolving history of this world. This summer I want to write the first version of this game. So expect some information about it here.

For programmers who are interested in the project feel free to look around.


If you have any comments on the given games. Feel free to send an e-mail to me.

Jurjen Stellingwerff


A great online game: Planetarion