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Remember, after the 8th Doctor first appeared in the 1996 telemovie Doctor Who, when he began traveling with companion Izzy and faced such foes as the Daleks and the Threshold?

If you've only been waiting patiently by the telly for more adventures of the good Doctor, then the likely answer is no. There haven't been any more serious televised episodes since 1996, although a range of BBC 8th Doctor novels does exist. He has continued traveling in a visual format, however, in the monthly comic strips of Doctor Who Magazine.

This guide chronicles those adventures. On this page, you will not find complete scans of these comics, since most of the magazines they appeared in are still available as back issues from one source or another. What you WILL find are synopses for the strips and some comments about each one. This page is meant to act a resource for those interested in the DWM strips, so they can keep up with the stories or refresh their minds about past adventures.

Izzy Finally, realize that this guide's author started purchasing DWM shortly after the 8th Doctor strips began and had to buy a few back issues to have all of those stories. Therefore, I don't have much knowledge of the comic continuity that came before. Some characters appeared in earlier strips with other Doctors, so their origins will not be covered in this guide. It will, of course, mention all important information that appears in the 8th Doctor strips.

Any comments? Please send them my way.

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In the coming months, I'll be posting my review for each story. Please stop back again. It may be some time, but the site will eventually be assembled.

The 8th Doctor, in his first Doctor Who Magazine comic strip appearance, visits Stockbridge and finds the town turned into a dangerous gameboard.

[Part 1 - DWM 244][Part 2 - DWM 245][Part 3 - DWM 246]
[Part 4 - DWM 247]

In the 51st century, the Doctor and Izzy find the last inhabitants of Earth combating each other under a dying sun. One man, however, has plans of salvation that may require a deadly sacrifice.

[Part 1 - DWM 248][Part 2 - DWM 249]

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