"!sh ^Kees !seh V'ste kesou's" We are the four Cousins. Our language is unspeakable to human tongue, so we simplified it by just using words, whistles, and clicks. We are the last four to have survived a major war between the Keeshat and Yamph'tu. A major war that devestated perspective, after perspective, after perspective. The Keeshat ended the Yamph'tu's bloody universe domination by ending their own lives.

The Keeshat used to be a huge race of anthropomorphic shape-shifters and protectors. No two Keeshat looked alike. They were known as great shifters, intelligent scientists, advanced warriors, and peace-keepers from within their perspectives. Keeshat appeared to be abnormal Earth animals, or strange mixtures of human creatures with odd colorations.

After the Keeshat destroyed the Yamph'tu and themselves, the last four Keeshat survived(As very small babies without memory) and were sepearated from eachother.

It wasn't until recently one of the Keeshat cousins regained memory(TalonsHawk), and helped find the others, creating a united bond. Today we take the jobs as realm guardians for different very odd-to-end realities

Go forward and explore who we are, what we are, and if you really do know each one of us individually...

Name Rank Sign World About Appearance
Bronze Scale Eldest cousin Taurus Land of the Bronze One Beyond the Dragon A strange bronze dragon with emerald green eyes.
TalonsHawk 2nd eldest Leo Land of the Silver One Bird behind the hawk A bright reflecting-feather hawk with gray eyes
MoonlightWolf 2nd youngest Pisces *coming* Beyond the wolf Moonlight dim gray color with frost-like eyes
Morning Rabbit Youngest Virgo *coming* Morning and evening A gold-colored pelt with sky-blue eyes.