Welcome to the Q-K.E.T.'s World!

歡迎來到 Q-K.E.T.的世界!

Q - K. E. T. 'S  W O R L D  I S  U N D E R  R E - C O N S T R U C T I O N ...   S O R R Y !  P L E A S E  V I S I T  N E X T  T I M E !!

I'm going to re-construct here in the next few months (Maybe years, who knows? ^_^),

我將會在未來數月(或者數年 ^_^)時間把這裡重建,

so I plan to close this homepage temporarily.



Yet, I keep the Guestbook links available so that you can either read it or write on it.

但是我會把留言冊的連結留著, 好讓您看看我的留言冊或者給我留言


Sorry for any inconvenience caused, and hope to see you in the brand new homepage of E.T.!

如有不便之處, 請各位原諒! 希望這網頁重開時可再見您!

Thank you for visiting!