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Welcome to Hot Rod's Homepage, the BEST Hot Rod / Rodimus Prime shrine on the internet today, we have been around since 1995 bringing you tons of pictures and information on everyone's favorite Autobot hot head. Enjoy your stay. ^_^ -

NEWS AND UPDATES (Last 10/25/2002)

Sorry for the lack of updates. REALLY BUSY!!! I plan to get the reviews of all the PVCs and Chrono Q Rodimus, Hot Shot (Armada Hot Rod) up soon. In the meantime enjoy the webmaster section ^_^ If you don't go insane!!!! HAHAHAH...... *cough* (10/25/2002)

Sorry for the lack of updates, it's been a busy 5 months, don't worry I will have tons of pictures, scans and other stuff Hot Rod related including all those pvc pics and the Hot Rodimus repaints also some new Hot Rod related toys from japanese that I recently found ^_^ RARE =). (06/23/2001)

Pictures of the Hot Rodimus (Well Rodimus Convoy) PVC figure is out!!! The box looks amazing with a picture of Rodimus with Galvatron on the back and what seems to be a Matrix accessory that comes with the toy shown on the side of the box. Shown here is the other PVCs in the second series and in the back the clear version of the Rodimus Convoy PVC too. COOL! (01/09/2001)

New Hot Rodimus re-release re-paint testshots out!!! Looks like there will be a Clear Version and a Dark Hot Rod version (A Dececticon Hot Rod!! FINALLY!) I only have one PICTURE but will try to get more. More on this story as it develops. (01/06/2001)

A picture of the Re-release of the Hot Rodimus (Hot Rod) transformer toy's box and box art have been found, just click right HERE to check it out. Also shown is the Ultra Magnus version too. Still seen in the photos are the toy test shots. (11/05/2000)

Big News!! The pictures for the test shots (prototypes) of the Hot Rodimus (Hot Rod) rerelease by Takara are out and you can see them here. Of course where else would you go if you wanted to see Hot Rod related stuff first ^_^ Here ya go Picture 1 is the test shots of Hot Rodimus (blue) with Ultra Magnus (test shot also) on the left is the Super Fire Convoy and God Magnus toy pics. Picture 2 is just the size differences between the test shots of Hot Rodimus and Ultra Magnus (notice the Optimus Prime cab) (10/29/2000)

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