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I got bored...
We'll.. We'll.. We'll.. Looks what I up-dated? "LoL".. Its been a while, and I havn't been trying very hard, but.. here it is.... An Update.
I didn't do awhole lot, I finally tore down the emulation, cause it was going no were quickly anyway, and I updated the shoutz a little, removed a load of people, so if your not there, speak, or forget. Thats about it.. Latez.

- JoE

Tis n' Dat
Slowly, but surely, I'll get around to completing, the Shoutz. I've noticed a few more people, I forgot, and a few peoples need to be changed, do to recent events and so forth. As for the media section, Space limitations, will allow me to sponser a different song every week. Come back, and see what it is.. Ya'h never know, it might be half respectable.

- JoE

Everyone seems to be creating web-pages now. So, I have to keep this up to date. Anwyway. I added some shoutz.. I could say anything, you your forwarned. And, I add a Guest-Book. Thats all for now. Check back later. As, for the emulation issue. I'm soon going to forget it. Most providers which allow large amounts of space. Won't allow uploads larger, then 5mbs, etc. So, if things don't work soon, it will be scraped.

- JoE

Another Season.
Well it seems I'm back to do some work once again. It never seems to last long, so enjoy it while you can. I was hoping to keep this brief so, lets stick to it. I finally opened the Emulation department. I was hoping to put something there, but I don't know quite what, seeing as how my limitations are extremly low. Maybe I'll think of something.

- JoE

Do Not Worry
I know the website is mostly incapacitated right now, but do not worry. It is purely a technical problem with one of the domains. All the files that you cannot access are actually still around, give it a few days and everything will be back to normal.

Christmas is the time for big changes around stay tuned.

World Trade Center Crisis
I would just like to take some time to express my condolences to all the victims of the horrible tragedy that occured in the United States this morning. I understand that a good percentage of our visitors are from the United States and I truly hope that you, your families and friends are all safe.

Whats this? An Update...oh no!
Hola my people, decided to bring a small update I was working on. The translations section has been updated with more translations for a few more systems. Enjoy.

Problem Solved
As you can see, the 404 Error problem has been solved.

Thank you for your patients...

Also, the server is much faster now ;)

- JoE