For all those dragon lovers out there (like me), I'd like to welcome all of you to my ultimate dragon homepage.

First of all we have the flying greats. (You realise that I am making up the names of these creatures). I think the dragons who can fly are the most majestic of the dragonkind. They are certainly the most popular kind of dragon in fantasy novels. And they are my favourite kinds of dragon.

Then we have those which cannot fly. I call them wurms. Although they have powerful legs and an equally if not more powerful tail, I still consider them inferior to the greater winged dragons. OK, so the picture isn't that of a wurm, so sue me. Another thing, there'll also be unicorn pictures at the wurms link (mainly because I can't find too many dragons which cannot fly).

P.S. I like unicorns too!

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More links will be coming soon and this page will also be improved soon, so just hold your dragons!!

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