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Tuesday, February 25, 1997

Star Trek May Boldly Go Into Imax 3-D

"Trekkers will be happy to learn that there are plans to bring the crew of the Enterprise to a very, very big screen near you. Variety reports that Paramount and Trek exec producer Rick Berman are talking with Imax 3-D about creating a new film, which would be shot in state-of-the-art Imax 3-D with C.G.I. graphics. Estimated cost for the forty-minute movie is about $10 million. So far, there's neither a deal nor a script, but sources tell Variety that the plan is to use the cast from either The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, or Voyager series, or to bring together characters from each of the shows. Should none of those options work out, there is the possibility of assembling a brand spankin' new cast, which we can only imagine will send fans over the moon. "

Brand new cast? How about a brand new species?

I M A X : K L I N G O N S

Join the Imperial Klingon Project: IMAX! With your support, we can convince Rick Berman and the Powers That Be at Paramount that their next big Star Trek project should focus on that species which has long deserved its time in the light--Klingons!
To join Project IMAX!, all you need to do is to send a letter to Rick Berman. Let him know you'd like to see Klingons be the main feature of the IMAX film. His address is:

Rick Berman, Producer
Star Trek Production Office
Paramount Pictures, Inc
5555 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038-3197

And while you're at it, make sure you drop a line to Paramount's president, too:

David Wertheimer, President
Paramount Digital Entertainment
MOB 1200
5555 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90038-3197

W h e ny o uw r i t e
Remember these important tips!

  • Send snail-mail.
    Snail-mail is way more impressive to executives--mostly, I think, because it entails more effort than just firing off an email.
  • Proofread or spellcheck your letter!
    Misspellings and bad grammar are incredibly distracting--the reader is more likely to focus on this than on the real point of your letter. If you don't have software that spell- and grammar-checks your work, find someone who can proofread and let them go over it.
  • Be polite!
    Your goal is to convince Rick that producing an IMAX feature about Klingons is going to be successful and popular. Accusatory, snide & insulting letters will not get this point across--they will be ignored and, worse, may even turn his opinion against the project.
  • Don't write in persona!
    Nothing turns off people seeped in the entertainment business faster than letters from "Admiral Kroggnath". Besides, this project is here to benefit you, the fan. Write as a fan!
  • Don't gush.
    It's okay to say you're a fan, or to make a short statement about how much you enjoy Star Trek. But don't gush--it wastes time, and the reader is more likely to scan through your letter (and miss your good points) than actually read it.
  • Don't write a book.
    See above. Keep it short and sweet.
  • C O M I N GS O O N !

    Keep an eye on this site for more news, sample letters, and the text of any responses Project IMAX! members might receive.

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    S H O WY O U RS U P P O R T

    Download one of these images for use with your own pages and link it to this site to show your support for Imperial Klingon Project: IMAX! With your help and support, we can pull this off!

    C O N T A C T

    --If you have something you've written you'd like us to proof--if you have something you've written you'd like us to showcase as an example--if you've gotten a response from Paramount and you'd like to make it available here--

    get in touch!

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