Talon Karrde

The scattering of tables alternates from pools of darkness to blisters of light, intentionally or otherwise, highlighting patrons of the shady establishment. Somewhere in between, Talon Karrde sits in twilight, watching the room with the idle intentness of a man at ease.

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Power and influence are treated differently by some. Imperial officers may posture, knowing their actions and words are monitored for the next performance review. New Republic Council members may watch carefully, knowing that in the restoration of balance in the galaxy, the scale is easily tipped, and not always in a favorable way for them. Still others work through underlings, amass wealth and display it, or amass wealth and hide it. Talon Karrde plays all these games, for all the reasons, with skill, patience, strategy and the quiet confidence of a grandmaster holochess player.

But holochess games on a grand scale take time. Moves to be planned, tactics begun and tested, to be discarded. Karrde has played the game of his life and rise to influence no differently. From modest beginnings as a trader, he learned the basics; hire good men, good ships, turn reliablity for a job into a callsign. When he rose into the larger leagues of intersystem shipping, he quickly developed a skill at watching his back. More than once in this realm, Karrde's progress was slowed and even pushed back by the ambition of others in the business. It was a harsh business, he found, but another piece on the board, requiring an adjustment of strategy. He spent a few years at an even keel, spending the time in gathering information and learning the new rules. Then he put it to good use, though quietly, feeding in and forming his attack carefully. Within a year's time, Karrde and his associates had become a One of the leading sources of shipping and transport, leaving a trail of failed competitors, humbled business ties, and a reputation that was proven easier to work with than against.

A pawn of Karrde's is rarely violence. There is the potential, but the man does not believe it to be a productive means of bringing about his aims. His methods can be termed 'navigational', the careful positioning of his pieces and the springing of an attack with a few pieces kept in reserve. He is a flexible businessman, treating most of his contacts with respect, and expecting likewise in return. Along with that trade, betrayal or insurrection earns a like response; although Talon Karrde is not a man of casual use of force, he is very precise with his use of it. In this, it's difficult to gauge his full capacity for it. He does not flaunt his influence, for most of the time, Karrde does well to keep in the background, tending to his game and meeting goals with the careful ease that defines him. Quiet, with the capacity for a bombshell; foresightful, with the tactical insight of a commander; difficult to second guess, with the reserve and security of a shielded blast door; the best of the greatest, content to rule his own territory, his way.

His territory, his board, as it were, is rather large and rambling, though well organized. Currently, he has a small core group of those he trusts, and they do well by being where they are. Attached to this core is a web of contacts, mostly smugglers, as well as some occasional Imperial and New Republic personages. Whether you're a pawn or a bishop, Karrde treats each one with the calm planning of a player. He works through business contracts, negotiated over pleasantries, and some enjoy a retained relationship. Through these contracts and retainers, Karrde's roaming range increases. Sometimes it's information, or a small shipping job. He is not a man for risk, and makes that clear to his people. Likewise, he also rewards where due, and applies force as well, when due. To protect the core of Karrde's enterprises it to protect your own interests, because somewhere in the mutually beneficial trade, strings are formed that do few people good if the core falls. It is best described as a mutually profitable and thriving business, with Karrde as its center, its mediator, and its advisor.

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