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First off, let me give you a guarantee about my website that will remain good until further notice (probably at least until the next century begins, that is to say): NO FRAMES!

Also no animated graphics dancing across your screen. In fact, precious little graphics of any sort, since I'm very text-oriented (as an English Major, this isn't exactly surprising) and figure colorful, artistic webpages are best done by those who have training relevant to such projects. I'm not saying that I would refuse to post graphics under any circumstances whatsoever, but they aren't part of my planning at this time. I'm not counting my GeoGuide, the Buttons in the Index, et cetera, as being "real" graphics in the same way a full-color reproduction of a book cover would be a graphic, you understand :)

Also, this website does not even pretend to be "complete." It doesn't even seriously consider itself anywhere near being able to set a tentative deadline by which it hopes it will be able to determine at what future date it will, in fact, be "complete." If you think something is missing from a certain page, and you know what it is, let me know.

Everything that is actually on here should be regarded as being at the "rough draft" stage until further notice. That includes the provisional site title, "Random Threads in the Pattern." I probably won't keep it, but first I have to take the time to think of a better one. Suggestions are welcome :)

NOTE: I HOPE I have managed to keep any GeoCities Popups from spamming you as you surf through this site, but I can't guarantee that yet.

That said and done, please use the buttons at the top to navigate from one area of interest to the next.