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New Web Site Launches!

The USS Stargazer is proud to introduce its newly redesigned Web Site!

The USS Stargazer, registry number NCC-2893-A, is currently under the Command of Captain Jon Kennith Wild (Screen Name JKWild1). This vessel launchese every Sunday night at 9:00pm ET in AOL's People Connection in Private Room "Stargazer. Click here to learn how to access the "Stargazer". But before you join be sure to signup with our on-line sign-up form. The Stargazer is the first vessel launched by FSG and has seen many adventures! But its not too late to get in on the excitement of the stargazer.
How are the sims run?
The Stargazer sims are a carefully crafted balance between Preplanned Simming and Freestyle, because of this, crew is encourged to be creative, however any idea which could drasticly change the storyline should be IMed to the captain before it is used. Also during the course of the sim the Captain is very Busy and any other questions should be IMed to the XO.
When you join the Stargazer you will be assign a duty station, just like the real thing by the XO. At first your position might not be permanent, but it will be as soon as the captain is sure where you'll fit in best. At the start of the sim there will be role call where everyone lists their posts. You may choose to right this down, to aid you in remember who is at what post.
So with each person running a duty station, like Science, Helm, OPS, Engineering, Etc. the story begins. You will do what you think you should do as your position. To find more information about different posts Goto keyword: NAGF, then Messaging, Messaging, and the FSG Sim Group Folder.
After the sim you'll be required to write a brief log, summerizing your past sim. This can include your Personal Impressions as well as a summary of what occured, and the status of your department. For assistance in this you will be assigned a mentor.
All new crew of the USS Stargazer will be assigned a Mentor to help them when they join. Your mentor is there for anything you, or any questions you may have. To find out more information about this please contact CDR Decatur

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