Welcome To AUBREY's Homepage

A page created out of pure boredome with an interest in a percieved computer society.

The art on this page has been created by someone else. I would first like to give them credeit. "I Like it. Can I use it?"


A War Craft 2 level from Cary click here. This is designed for multiple players. It will take a while to play. IT has been tested into the wee hours of the morning!!!

This is my level. It is a simple design for simple land attack strategy. It is a multiplayer level. Two humans and one Computer. I suggest for you to team up against the computer. Try it!

This is another one of my brothers. This level used a special editor. Some of you will know what I am talking about. This is even more TIME CONSUMING than OK.zip. This has several computers with your team mate starting at the same place as you. Enjoy Dang.zip.

If you have a level for War Craft 2 E-Mail me your site and I will get it. I prefer Multiplayer levels that are slightly well designed.

If you play Doom or want some more War Craft 2 levels try this site below!

Prince Magus Page

Links to other sites on the Web

Jeeps for all sizes and makes

Rush: The National Midnight Star

Contact me for suggestions. Ex. What did you think of the levels. I except all critisism. I even like to hear of complaints and insults. They better the levels. (You think the original designers didn't get stressed out over the comlexity of thier levels!! Yes. So remMeber this stuff was made for free and it was done in under 10 minutes.

Thanks for reading. :)



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