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Welcome to The Dragon Palace.

There are a lot of half-truths and rumors about Dragons. The Dragon is one of the most mysterious creatures ever to exist, because of their mistrust of humans they tend to avoid contact with the most of the humanoid races. I have traveled many realms in many forms, from thief to barbarian and on occasion I have taken on the form of Dragon. I will try to write some of what I have learned on this page. I am sure that not all will agree with what I write here, but given how elusive knowledge of the Dragon is, who can prove me wrong?

Silver Dragons

Clan: Kran

Height: 8'

Weight: 1 ton

Wingspan: 30'

Length (add 25% for tail): 15'

Breath: Lightning Bolt

Align: Lawful/Good

Like Brassine Dragons, Silver Dragons carry riders. But because of their small size they usually have either elves, human women, or even shire folk as riders. Each clan of Silver Dragons carries a different type of Rider. For instance, the Kran of Tal carry only elves of the Dusky Forest (who are silver themselves), while the Kran-rac carry only human women, and the Kran-rula only carry shire folk. Silver Dragons are a peaceable and fair race of Dragons, but they are usually wary of large concentrations of men. A Silver Dragon has veins of pure silver criss-crossing the outside of his hide. Because of this many Silver Dragons were killed for their hides. Silver Dragons chew silver and have a special breath attack. Silver Dragons can breathe lightning bolts instead of fire. The bolt can fork and strike up to 2 targets.

Gold Dragons

Clan: Krall

Height: 9'

Weight: 1 ton

Wingspan: None

Lenght (add 25% for tail): 12'

Breath: Fire

Align: Lawful/Good

Gold Dragons prefer to live in damp underground caverns and in dark places, such as isolated areas of primordial jungles. Sightings of Gold Dragons are rare , because they are often hunted for the pure gold in their hides. Furthermore, they are prized by magic users because their internal organs are highly charged with magical essence. These Dragons distrust humans and other humanoid races because of the brutal dragon hunts they have led. Gold Dragons ingest gold, which they usually eat in ore form. They breath a flame that is intensely hot - six or seven times as hot as normal Dragon breath. The Gold Dragons breath can melt almost any substance, even rock and steel. Even people and things with magical defenses against fire are affected by the heat of the Gold Dragons breath.

Green Dragons

Clan: Krath

Height: 10'

Weight: 2.5 tons

Wingspan: 40'

Length (add 25% for tail): 20'

Breath: Methanol Gas

Align: Neutral/Neutral

The Krath are a common race of Dragons that thrive on the rocky slopes of deep river valleys. They have adapted to life in forest and make no permanent nests, but each week construct new nest out of trees and branches. Green Dragons hide their gold in deep pools of still water far from humanoid settlements. Such pools are often guarded by hydra, pellet fish, or other creatures. These remote pools serve as the mating areas for green Dragons. Green Dragons breathe a form of methanol gas that they create from chewing wood instead of coal or oil which creates a bright blue flame. Some Dragons have trained themselves to release only a cloud of poisonous gas instead of flame.

Copper Dragons

Clan: Katten

Height: 10'

Weight: 3 tons

Wingspan: 35'

Length (add 25% for tail): 17'

Breath: Sonic Vibration

Align: Lawful/Neutral

These Dragons live along the rocky coastline of the Dragonlands. they fish the waters and live in caves along the coast. Copper Dragons are the best fliers and divers of all Dragons. Copper Dragons have been known to stay underwater for more than an hour. It is rumored that they hide their treasure in underwater caves guarded by giant sea creatures. Copper Dragons are great storytellers and singers. A few family groups are adept at sand painting, one of the few forms of Dragon art. Copper Dragons often deal with men and elves, although they do not allow Riders or settlements of humanoids larger than a few dozen people in their territories. Copper Dragons ingest seaweed instead of coal, which produces a special gas in the many-pocketed stomach of the Copper Dragons. The gas expands the pockets, creating enormous pressure, which the Dragon can release in huge sonic vibrations that can strike with the impact of a sledge blow. This breath weapon is especially useful for underwater hunting.

Black Dragons

Clan: Kass

Height: 13'

Weight: 3 tons

Wingspan: 60'

Length (add 25% for tail): 30'

Breath: Variable

Align: Lawful/Good

The Black Dragons live in caves on high mountain peaks. Their love of high places has it's cost however. The thin atmosphere of their favored mountain peaks permits huge doses of ultraviolet light to strike the Dragons. Therefore, Black Dragons have the highest rate of mutation for any large animal. It is not uncommon to find two-headed or four-winged Black Dragons or Black Dragons with strange powers. The huge number of mutations does tend to keep the population small, but Black Dragons are proud of their unique adaptations and many of the most bizarrely mutated Black Dragons become clan leaders. Black Dragons do not allow men to ride them. Because of mutations, Black Dragons exhibit a variety of different breath weapons, although they usually breathe fire as do most Dragons.

Brassine Dragons

Clan: Kaura

Height: 13'

Weight: 3 tons

Wingspan: 70'

Length (add 25% for tail): 30'-35'

Breath: Fire

Align: Lawful/Good

Brassine Dragons were the first to take men as Riders. They are a civilized and intelligent race, although as all Dragons they can act out of pride and spite. Bassine Dragons have a highly developed society and live in groups, Brassine Dragon communities can grow as large as 20-30 Dragons. Furthermore, they allow humanoid settlements of 2,000-3,000 to flourish on their lands. No other Dragon Clan is so involved with humans. Because of their successful societies, Brassine Dragons have given up some of the wild hunting ways that characterize their brethren. They have even been known to eat grain and vegetable dishes made by human servants. Brassine Dragons breathe fire in three forms: fire balls, cones of fire, and sheets of fire.

Blue Dragons

Clan: Krackon

Height: 14'

Weight: 3.5 tons

Wingspan: 75'

Length (add 25% for tail): 35'

Breath: Fire

Align: Lawful/Evil

These are the true Nord-Drackon, the North Dragons. They are a powerful and numerous group of Dragons who control large areas of mountain ranges. The Nord-Drackon range in color from pale blue to deep navy blue. The intensity of the skin color is an indication of the status of the Dragon, because the color of the Nord-Drackon darkens as it feeds on humanoid blood. The deeper the skin color, the more honored the Dragon is throughout his own clan. They are virulent opponents of all who associate with the humanoid races. The Nord-Drackon breathe a red-and-yellow flame that leaves the stench of sulfur in the air. Also, they have been known to spit a powerful poison at humanoids. This poison is not harmful to Dragons.

White Dragons

Clan: Kralan

Height: 15'

Weight: 4 tons

Wingspan: 75'

Length (add 25% for tail) 35'

Breath: Fire

Align: Lawful/Good

White Dragons are a stunningly beautiful race of Dragons with sleek, graceful movements and enchanting voices. They are the storytellers and the singers of the Dragons Clans. As such, they have delved into magic. Many of the ancient White Dragons roam the countryside as Master magic users. Almost all White Dragons know some magic. White Dragons are a small, very rare Clan. They prefer the rocky coast high in the cold north country. White Dragons breathe fire, but many are able to convert it to a freezing fire, which is a fire that saps heat instead of giving it.

Bronze Dragons

Clan: Kamen

Height: 15'

Weight: 4.5 tons

Wingspan: 65'

Length (add 25% for tail): 30'

Breath: Fire

Align: Lawful/Good

These Dragons are cousins to the Brassine Dragons and share many characteristics with them, including human Riders. In fact, it is often difficult to tell a Bronze Dragon from a Brassine Dragon. The main differences between the two Clans are the telepathic powers of the Bronze Dragons and their outward appearance. The Clan Law states that one day the interbreeding between Bronze Dragons and Brasssine Dragons will create a totally different type of Dragon. Each hatching of interbred Brassine and Bronze Dragons is always surrounded with great anticipation. These hatchings are always done in secret, away from the prying eyes of men and other Clans. The Bronze Dragons can develop a host of mental powers including Telepathy, Telekinesis, ESP, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Mind Blank, and Teleportation. Bronze Dragons breathe fire like Brassine Dragons do, but their flame is a bright orange.

Platinum Dragons

Clan: Kob-bar-li

Height: 15'

Weight: 14 tons

Wingspan: none

Length (add 25% for tail): 25'

Breath: Stoning Cloud

Align: Lawful/Good & Lawful/Evil

Platinum Dragons are the only Clan of Dragons that do not congregate in family groups. Platinum Dragons are not born to any one Clan. Occasionally, a special Dragon is born in a family group. The Dragon, instead of being the color of the Dragon Clan, is a steel gray with flecks of blue throughout and is wingless. This is a Platinum Dragon. These special Dragons are brought to the Great Monastery where the young Dragons are raised as priests. The Platinum Dragons are the only Dragons who can be priests. They are taught all the traditional rituals and mysteries and some are instucted in clerical miracles. Platinum Dragons often deal with humanoid races and even sponsored a group of human clerics who worship the Dragon gods. No human, however has ever ridden a Platinum Dragon. Platinum Dragons do not breathe fire; instead they create a cloud of gas that encircles their victim turning him to stone. Platinum Dragons ingest these stone statues in order to breathe this cloud again.

Red Dragons

Clan: Kred

Height: 28'

Weight: 15 ton

Wingspan: 95'

Length (add 25% for tail): 50'

Breath: Fire

Align: Chaotic/Evil

This race of Dragons is uniformly Chaotic and Evil. They delight in the torture and destruction of all living things, including other Dragons. In the religious tracts of the Dragon Priests, Red Dragons are called the Rath-bar or "Naked Ones." Red Dragons consume gems instead of coal to breathe flame. It is common knowledge that Red Dragons eat anything. In tense situations, some Red Dragons lapse into a feeding frenzy and attack anything that moves, friend or foe. Red Dragons it is rumored, also eat their young. This may be the reason why there are, thankfully, not very many of them. A Red Dragon's favorite food, however is elves. Red Dragons belch forth a huge stream of fire that is twice as hot as normal Dragon fire. Many feel that this is due to their diet of gems and gold. Red Dragons are allied with the Nord-Drackon. However, they are looked on as untrustworthy and unreliable allies. They are often used as shock troops before the Blue Dragons risk their own hides.

Spectral Dragons

Clan: Kyh-ri

Height: 30'

Weight: 15-20 tons

Wingspan: 120'

Length (add 25% for tail): 60'

Breath: 2 Gases

Align: Neutral/Neutral

There are only two families of Spectral Dragons, and only from these families may the King or Queen of Dragons be chosen. The Spectral Dragons are the Royal Dragons of all true Dragons, and they claim to be the leaders of all Clans. Spectral Dragons always have two or more heads and are the largest of all Dragons. The two headed Spectral Dragon breathes a different gas from each head. The two gases they breathe are poisonous to all life, but when the two heads breathe together in one concentrated cone, there is a chemical reaction between the two deadly gases that creates a horrible flame capable of burning other Dragons. While the flame is burning only by magical means may it be extinguished.

Information used on this page can be found in the book, "Dragons" by Cory Glaberson.

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