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Ketchup Labotomy - Chino Latino Get the Fuck Out of Town - Buster - Port Townsen - 1000 Drills to Your Skull - Manitoba Stampede

Ketchup Labotomy

i can't see throgh the bullshit
this apple is rotten to the core
how much longer for pasta?
it's hard to give when you follow a god
this apple is rotten to the core
how much longer for pasta?

Chino Latino Get the Fuck Out of Town

gasoline burns better but its just not running through my veins
i read my fortune and it said i was going nowhere
so i thanked the gods for letting me know it don't matter
to know that just my life don't matter
what a relief!
(you can't wipe the smiles from our faces)
and the suits still won't cut their wage
there's no food on the laman's plate
all plausible do to free trade
while foreigners work like slaves
and the monkeys is till on my back
and the pink slips under attack
why is it everything right now?

you can't pretend that this didn't happen
it won't just go away
buster got older and older
he started getting weak in the knees
couldn't keep his head above watter
he couldn't keep away the disease
we're going to watch him walk down the stairs
we'll watch him die and no one cares
it won't just go away
a junkie is still a junkie
in sports cars and suv's
moves like a dying dog and
moves through the subrurb like it's the city

Port Townsen
piss in this cup
how bad do you want it?
one month of out patient
a couple months in a halfway house
and we'll put him back in school
someone is making a pretty penny
everyone is getting their own share
drug money for the CIA
and new cars for the DEA
run away
you have no place to stay
run away
your old habits will stay
i was under the impression
that i didn't leave my rights at the door
you can feed your recreation
but at what cost?
piss in this cup
how bad do you want it?
a drug test for the chess club
and a drug test for the band
a drug test for my love
because parents just don't understand
your making problems from solutions
with your inconsistant institutions
and you'll take the rights of minors
because children just don't understand

1000 Drills to Your Skull

BACK DOOR!!!!!!!!!BACK DOOR!!!!!!!!!(it's the Kamakazee Empire!!)
i want of this vessel(i move with the tides because i shake with the wind)
our captain has gone senile(mine is the earth...mine is the earth)
the lame guitars keep playing nonsense
the same concepts are coming through my headset
we're falling like a satalite
filled with platonium
chasing the carrot
just ain't what it used to be
i don't want to chase my tail anymore
we'll get better by design
assasinations linger
but the money will come back
in the mass production of body bags
Manitoba Stampede
ask jonathan.