Mosh Yard Party, June 4th 1999

Nates House May 1999

Ross's House later that day

The Depot Mar 24th, 2000

The Depot May 12th, 2000

Gram's Graduation Party, Gram's garage June 4th, 2000

The Overpass Skatepark, July 22 2000

Freight Yard Party, Sept 23, 2000

R.O.R. Concert's Battle of the Bands at the Quest Oct 7th, 2000

Inter-media Arts on Halloween October 31, 2000

Tangents Fundraiser Oct 27, 2000

Environmental Jamnesty January 12, 2001

The Overpass, Hopkins skatepark June 2, 2001

Environmental Jamnesty January 13 2002

The Dinkytowner Cafe, June 9th 2002

Rachel's Bedroom, June 25 2002

The House of Knives, Aug 7th 2002

Jonathan's Friend's House's Halloween Party, October 31, 2002

Mark and Brian's New Years Eve Party, December 31, 2002

The Babylon, January 4 2003 w/ Ebb N' Glo

The Dinkytowner Cafe January 26th w/ The Valentines, and When Something Fails

House of Pirates January 17th 2003 w/ Sajak

The Babylon April 11th 2003

Michael Jackson's Monkey House April 19th, 2003

The Pirates' Cove May 9th 2003 w/ Skin of Earth, and Theieves

Michael Jackson's Monkey House May 30th 2003 w/ Outside the Fences

Metric Haus Sept. 6th 2003 w/ Aneuretical, Kurmudgeon, and Intendo

The Pirate's Cove June 19th w/ Intendo

Red Sea Bar June 30th 2003 w/ Space Kamp, Kurmudgeon, and #9's

Robin's Basement July 13th 2003

Babylon July 26th w/ Signal to Trust, Aneuretical, and A Summary Execution

Metric Haus October 10th 2003 w/ Hello Blue, the Close, and Eufio

Metric Haus October 31st 2003 w/ Intendo, Nero, Sound Salvation, and Metric Motherfuckers

Metric Haus December 20th w/ Hello Blue and Voice Activated Shotgun

Kurmudgeon House December 31st w/ Kurmudgeon

Metric Haus January 11th w/ Ricky Fitts, Scenery, and Sergio Leone

Metric Haus January 31st w/ Driftless Pony Club, the William Young, Gricklegrass, Gnome, and Colon Pipe Krew

Pizza Luce party at the Triple Rock February 23rd 2004

Mala's February 29th 2004

Metric Haus May 4th JK's birthday party w/ The Close and Sound Salvation

New Kurmudgeon House May 15th w/ Kurmudgeon

The Church May 30th w/ Hockey Night, Monolo, Swing By Seven and some old timers

The Hut June 4th IN THE WOODS!

The Mazorol's, Natlaie's graduation party June 5th

Bedford House July 28th 2004 w/ The Lido Venice and Hello Blue

Bad Idea (Ann Arbor) August 4th 2004

The Big Horse (Chicago) w/ The William Young and The Shift

The Dinkytowner w/ Crosstide and The Shut Ins

The Hexagon Bar w/ Dogs and Styrofoam Duck

The 400 Bar February 4th

The Hexagon Bar February 10th w/ Askeleton

The Alamo February 18th 2005 w/ Sound Salvation