Club Origins
  We launched in 1984, Star Wars interest appeared to be waning, and the Official Star Wars Fan Club was pants (one issue of Bantha Tracks out of the four I subscribed to?!), and I reckoned I could run a club better.

Club Status
  In stasis. This website alone flies the flag for Yavin. You can check the community page to see what your former fellow members are up to.
Club News - 30/05/2008 Activity! Bob Cole and Ivor Codgell are looking at revitalising the MoY club, starting with the website.
Ideas for the club, and volunteers to help in the process, will be raised Paul Wright's Party in the Park event in London, this Summer.

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  Calamari Evac' (46k) |   Murder on the Chimaera |   The Monster Squad |   To Trace A Sith

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  Piece By Piece Lego conventions |   See a Millennium Falcon constructed out of Lego |   New Moons of Yavin site |   Alien Speech

Be advised that the Moons of Yavin is no longer active. If you would like to find out more, e-mail me at ECHO BASE.
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