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Battletech Universe and Games

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Last Updated: 9-24-97

Site News

Coming Soon! Complete Jade Falcon Page!
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Current Universe Status

Well, the Star League has reformed. Sun-Tzu is the first prince and Clan Smoke Jaguar is in for a beating. The Smoke Jaguat 15 worlds to the inner sphere. Morgan Hasek-Davion is leading three elite regiments in a long ranges strike against huntress. The most amusing of all recent occurences is Phelan almost strangling Katherine Steiner. "Let's just say high necked fasion just became the in thing on Tharkad"

Current Trading Card Game Status

The production of counterstrike has stopped and Mercenaries should be out soon, now maybe you can make a decent Wolf Dragoon deck. You can sign up for local tournament u[pdates at the WOTC site(link on the IMAP at left.

Board Game and RPG

We just got a 25 month contact with St. Ives. It is a garrison duty contract. We are being paid about 1.6mil total with signing bonus. We are hiring a LRM platoon and a couple Pegasus scout tanks. So are total strength is about 2 lances of 'mechs, 1 lance aerospace fighters, half a lance vehicles, and a platoon infantry.

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