Welcome to my page.  I will be sharing space with familly and friends on this site and allow some of my material to be posted on their sites.  Due to size limitations, I will need to limit what goes on this site but I will be allowing allot from friends.  Please, don't email me with any comments or requests, email my brother Harley becuase he is the webdesigner in the familly.  I know he doesn't work miricles but this is better than I can do on my own.  Now, on with the pages on this site.

The Oblivion: Poetry
Bryan Rutherford
Diane Hernandez
Harley Knight


New World Order

        I will be putting more on this site later.  My brother is developing more sites and Information so I'll probably be linking that stuff on here soon.  Please check out my friends sites.

The Oblivion
Jade's Domain
Darkstar's Tarot Emporium
I will place the others on here as they give me the address.