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Hey buddy, what's up? Like the picture I drew up there? Know what it is? It's The Brew! Wanna find out more? No? Well, you'd better enter anyway, 'cuz what you've stumbled on here is one of the best pages on the net! And how can you go wrong when your subject matter revolves around fungus and mold? Er, well, maybe you'd just better enter and see for yourself!

Ths is as close as you can get to The Brew, without us packing some up and sending you some of it! But we can't do that, because we don't want disgruntled Potal Service people after us! Thats proven to be something thats not too good for your health...and hey, so is The Brew! Just be glad that if you enter this site, you won't have to get close to either of the two!

Click on the address above to enter The Official Brew Homepage! And NO BARFING! If you barf on your computer, we are not responsible, no matter what the US Supreme Court said! So there!