The Celestial Affiliation of Time Lords (CAOTL) is a fan club devoted to media arts presentations of time travel stories.  In October of 1986 at the North American's largest one day Dr. Who event, the idea was formed for this club & on January 2, 1987 we  officially began.. 
We are the 3rd oldest Twin Cities media fan club listed in the SF-MN fandom directory. This year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary.    The Time Lords are a diverse group eager to share their interests and ideas with each other.    On odd-numbered month we have our general meetings.    Our newsletter goes out 6 times a year, with lots of up to date information.          As a member you will be plugged into a rich source of science fiction information - local to international.  This year we had added a club web site & can be reached by our email address.
We strive to be of assistance in promoting new media productions, the community at large, and. to other fan organizations    As part of CAOTL's commitment to strengthen fandom through the celebration of diversity, the Time Lord have formed Colleges within the club.  Colleges are made up of members who have the same command interests and wish to share their enjoyment of it.  These include the College of Time Meddlers (a gaming group), the College of Who (Dr Who fans)  the College of Excellence (Bill & Ted fans), and the College of Stasis Leaks (Red Dwarf fans) and many more.        Come join us and party on dudes.

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