Thalionar's Fan Girl Page
If you are looking for the old pages, I'm sorry, due to lack of interest on my part, they have gone away.
My old links can be found here.

There will eventually be buttons here. This page will eventually be a lot better (when I have access to PhotoShop again).
I stopped maintaining the other pages for a number of reasons, and now I just have different interests. (yes, I still love Sailor Jupiter, Deadpool, the Tick and Beast, but I am not devoting enough of my time to comics/manga/anime to consider myself a fangirl of them anymore.)

LINKS--some places to go while I am figuring out what to do with this space.
The SCA Medieval/Renaissance reinactment
The Camarilla White Wolf Games' Official Fan Club
Memories of Sunlight The local (Durham, NC) chapter of The Camarilla
LiveJournal an online journal (duh).