The Search Continues ... Only With A New Face

Welcome all, to the UFO Reporter, and its long-awaited new look, for the index anyway, but we're working on the rest. While this redesign has been long time in coming a great deal has certainly transpired. When I looked at the geocities editor, the date of the last index page really lept out at me -- 03/21/97! That was over 2 years ago. It really doesn't seem that long ago we first started this thing. It has grown from a small, almost text-only page about UFO sightings to an in-depth reference tool to help our fellow ufologists not only report encounters, but to check and re-check their facts as well.Back then, we could barely get a name on Yahoo. Now we are on all the search engines, a dozen or more web rings and even been featured on a radio show. Certainly none of us thought we'd get this far when we thought "hey, let's do a web site!" many years ago in the Arizona desert.

Imitation Really Is The Best Flattery

I know that we have inspired others to create their own Web sites dedicated to ufology. In fact, we often get people asking us how we feel about inspiring others to make their own sites. The simple answer is, we feel good about it. Anything that furthers our quest to determine if in fact extraterrestrial life exists is more than welcome in our eyes. If they can do a better job than we can, more power to them!

Credit Due Where Credit Is Due

And we have you, the ufologists, to thank for much of our success. It was you who brought us story after story, told the difficult tale, recovered repressed memories and opened up to complete strangers. That is not an easy thing to do and I hope that we have been supportive of those of you who really felt exceptionally insecure writing about things.In the end, I know we have helped many of you directly and indirectly.


So, for the future, we have a number of things we plan on implementing. For one, the response has been really high to our request for writers. A lot of you have sent a lot of stuff and we plan on giving some of you your own pages. There is a lot of drive and creativity out there with this audience and we plan on harnessing as much of that as possible. So if you are still writing and haven't sent anything in yet, take your time as I always say, but know that the time is approaching.
And I will get the Web ring going. We have a number of very interesting sites that we have exchanged information with over the years. Most of them have been kind enough to put us on their Web rings. We need to return the favor. I fgure I'll start with a links page and move on from there. First I need a snappy name for it. I am open to suggestions.

We originally saw this site as covering only Canada and the U.S., but every day we get at least one email from somewhere on the globe other than those two countries. This last year has seen an explosion in entries from The Phillipines, Japan, The United Kingdom, Denmark, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico, just to name a few. So, in accordance with this, we'll be putting up our stories in a more international scope.

And for those of you who have been doing field work for us, we haven't forgotten about you, either. I get a lot of the same questions about this one. Two yeses and a no. Yes, we're working on the shirts I have been e-blabbing about for so long to so many of you. Yes, per your suggestions, they will be clearly marked according to team with big white stenciling on the back -- Field Investigations, Correspondent, Recovery, etc.. We're gonna do our best to look legit! No, they aren't free. Sorry, but rich we ain't. We will try to keep the cost to a break-even level, though, I promise.

And finally, there is the matter of me apologizing to you, the reader. Little has been done to update the Reporter over the last year. As some of you who correspond with me know, I have been beset by family tragedy, which has sapped up much of my time, energy, drive, ambition and creativity. It was not a golden time for me and it left little time for recreation or pursuing goals (I consider the Reporter both) and the web site suffered as a result. Many stories, more than I can count, were submitted and logged but never posted, but that will change. With the help of my family and friends, I can hopefully say the worst is behind me and I am ready to forge ahead. I want to thank all of you who sent in letters of support for me.

So, back to work!

New!! The Scrapbook From Our July Trip To Area 51 Has Now Been Posted!

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