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Just a little about me. I live in Southern Oregon in the valley between the Coastal Cascades and the Siskiyou Mountains. My backyard playground is the coast, mountains, and wild and scenic Rogue River. If you have seen The River Wild you have a good picture of my playground as most of the rafting and camping sequences were shot right here.

Hellgate Canyon in midsummer. Those little inflatables you see are called tahiti's and can be rented for the day for a lazy drift where it's much cooler .

A beautiful little cove at the end of Hellgate Canyon. On those real hot sultry nights I jump in the boat and head downriver for some quiet and to cool off.

The majority of my online time is spent role playing in Anne McCaffrey's Pern on AOL. My personas to date:

Moonset Weyr

  • A'nen, Weyrleader - rider of bronze Myfanwynth
  • Quinta, retired Werywoman now wingsecond, Queen's Wing, rider of gold Myntath
  • Kyralae, Wingsecond, WindSinger Wing - rider of green Quoriath
  • Krystal, Wingrider, MoonDancer Wing - rider of green Radianth
  • B'tron, Wingrider, DreamScape Wing - rider of brown Tygreth
  • R'lin, Wingrider, FireFall Wing - rider of blue Penadeth
  • Vyrilla, Wingrider, StarWatcher wing - rider of green Ouisath
  • Tatalia, Master Dragonhealer Moonset Weyr
  • Yanna, Jman Harper/Scribe - look into the Mapcavern to view her works

Anne McCaffrey's world of Pern is a favorite all over the internet and the following are some links I have found that will be interesting to fellow Pern lovers:

That's right - there is a PC Pern Game in the works.

"Visit the official PC/Playstation Pern RPG at Grolier Interactive (UK) Ltd"

Grolier Interactive (UK) Ltd. has been hard at work to develop a realistic role playing game based on the Dragonriders of Pern. Use the Grollier logo as a button to link to their site and see the newest developments.

I wish to thank those who were generous with their web art and techniques. I have included links to their sites so that you too can enjoy their creativity or use their tutorials to create your own.

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