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The End? I am editing this page for the first time in 7 years. When I started in ~Feb97, having a webpage was a nerdy thing in Turkey. I never got to make a proper page and it seems I won't be able to since yahoo is shutting down geocities. Sad! I can't believe the traffic of 1-2 hits per day and storage space of 15MB could be an issue at the age of AJAX emails with quotas above GB. Anyway... Goodbye for now.

Welcome to my homepage. My name is Erkcan. I used to be a student in Middle East Technical University, in Ankara, Turkey. Having graduated with BS degrees in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Physics, now I am a PhD student at Stanford University, CA - Department of Applied Physics. My field is experimental HEP and I work at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. If you want, you can learn more about me. This was planned to be only a test release (has been so for more than 5 years - I don't really know when I'll sit down and design a real webpage). If you have any comments, please feel free to write.

Zwi's Top Three in ...
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TED'95 - TED Ankara Koleji 95 Mezunlary´
This page is completely in Turkish...
And for all my friends from METU EE:
I am sorry I had to cut your year-book excerpts. So here there are the full versions... Yillik yazilari...

Most recent updates:

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Entertainment Area
What do we do at METU? Views from a Soccer Match
I am a member of the Bilkent Balroom Dances Club. Here is a list of dance figures we have worked on.
Our photos at BBDC.
And here comes the party photos at Turkish American Association (only 2).
A compilation of Star Wars characters - under construction
Traffic Rules
Semiphysical answers to weird questions... (Compiled from the net)
Phizikcinin female strange attractorleri uzerine yazisi... :)
How is grad-life at Stanford? Piled Higher & Deeper
A dish from the Turkish quizine: Hunkar Begendi
Some midi files from movies and TV series (zipped).
YENI GEYIK: Email ile gelen geyiklere Erik'in yorumlari. :)

Science and Tech Area
See how I spent my EE447 Microprocessors course - Infinity on MC6800
Here is a 15-page review of quantum algorithms I have written for my PHYS710 Quantum Computation course: Zipped Word 97 file.
My EE444 Computer Networks term project: Talkie 1.0 - A basic spilt-screen DOS-based talk program. (Along with C++ code).
EE 610 (MEMS) Lecture Notes: 1 2
List of Acronyms for Computer Networks
IEEE Code of Ethics
See the Bucknell Handbook on Verilog HDL. It is very useful...
Do you know of The Russell-Einstein Manifesto?
Why don't you help in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence?
[ See my certificate here... :) ]

RPG Area
AD&D players and DMs: See Zwitterion Quanta and his unique spells...
Or without reading much, use Zwi as an NPC.
More unique spells: Planned Spells (Not confirmed yet)
Another page: House Rules for AD&D
Some cursed items are pretty: A few nasty trinkets
And now a Planescape creature: Rea-fiend
Proceedings in Modern Alchemy and Metaphysics
... Being an article by Zwitterion Quanta on how AD&D (2nd ed) works :)
Parts of Zwitterion's Chronicles (09/26/01)
3rd edition Prestige Class: Wild Mage (12/13/01)

The History of The Circle - Being our group's history (Word 97, zipped)
Preface, Foreword and an Excerpt from the Journals of Lord Termit (3rd ed. character sheet, 05/20/01)
Soubar's Constitution as written by Lord Termit and Royal Wizard Zwitterion Quanta (12/12/01)
The Banisher - Termit's Intelligent Sunblade
Lyrar's Hold - The Basic Plan of Termit's castle at Soubar
Turbulent - The githyanki cruiser we captured.

And here are the group members; beginning with my friend Scarter of Waterdeep
This is me again: Zwitterion.doc (most recent, 8/9/1999, Word 7, zip file)
An update proposal to 3rd edition: Zwi_3rd.doc (uploaded 10/2/2000)
Zeus The Warhammer of Tempus - Being the party's barbarian... (New 3rd ed. version (07/17/2002))
The Circle's elven member, my fellow companion Formentera Alenuath (Word 7, zipped)
Formi's Loyal Friend, Circle's catshee: Tigerclaw (Updated to 3rd edition)
Lord Termit's Henchmen: Adelaine & Cristan
Termit's Scribe+Herald+Butler: Nein War(12/19/2001)
Zwi's Assistant: Wild Mage Maskar Wands Jr.
Our PARTY photos: 1 2

Links to RPG-related sites...

Links to other sites on the Web
Links to friends

My previous university - METU
My university - Stanford

Musical Pages of the Blue Hawk
METU Science Fiction & Fantasy Society
Bilkent Ballroom Dance Club
Stanford Ballroom Dance Club
Stanford Ballroom Dance Team
My country - Turkey
Wanna see a cool site -The World of Kadircan

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