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Welcome to my Gallery!

The main gallery is my current collection of fractal art created with a great program called Fractal Explorer. This freeware program was created by Arthur Sirotinsky and Olga Fedorenko. (Link coming soon!)

I personally enjoy using the 3D Attractor portion of the program. The 3D images created are usually not worth saving, but occasionally I find something quite amazing by simply rotating the image. You will find the 3D images I did like in the Sculpture Garden.

Don't forget to stop by the Gift Shop! I hope to send a portion of the proceeds from all sales to the creators of FE.

If you see any image in the gallery which you think would look good on one, or more, of the items offered in the Gift Shop, please feel free to click on the Office button and let me know which image. Any feedback, questions, comments or concerns about the site itself, may also be sent by clicking the office button. Please, no advertisements. All adverts sent to that address will be treated as unsolicited. It is for Feedback only.

Thank you, and Enjoy!

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