Ryan P. Donovan

Welcome to my online portfolio! I am currently experimenting with the use of CSS and XML. This site is, and always will be, under construction.

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About Ryan

My professional interests focus around reference and customer service. I became interested in libraries primarily as a result of working directly with people in my first library job. I feel that when I help someone, and they leave the library satisfied, I have done a positive thing with my work day. As a result of my time spent in library school, topics concerning literacy and information organization have also become aspects professional issues in librarianship that I am personally concerned with.

Ryan's Professional Experience

  1. Young Adult Librarian - New York Public Library, Bronx, NY
  2. Part-Time Reference Librarian - Rivier College, Nashua, NH
  3. Evening/Weekend Supervisor - Pine Manor College, Chestnut Hill, MA
  4. Customer Service Coordinator - Rivier Bookstore, Nashua, NH
  5. Music-Art-Media Page - Nashua Public Library, Nashua, NH

Ryan's Academic Experience

Ryan's Library Links

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LibraryThing is a site for anyone to create their own library catalog based on their own book collection. It also allows you to see the book collections of other users who may have the same "taste" in books as you. With a wide variety of content that you can add to each individual book entry, LibraryThing give you the control; and it's awesome.

Visit LibraryThing to see Ryan's LibraryThing (and if you like the same books as him).


Blogger is a ready-to-use blog site (short for 'web log') that can be used for a variety of reasons, such as an online diary or even in more professional, informational update capacity. Many librarians use blogs to communicate issues they face professionally. You can check out a project I did on blogs at Simmons here for one of Rong Tang's classes.

Visit Ryan, the Librarian to see Ryan's current take on books and pop culture. This blog was recently selected and accepted as one of the Random Buzzer featured blogs and appears on the site.

Digital Libraries

What is a digital library? Where can I find some good ones, and learn what is going on in the digital library world? If these are some of the questions you are pondering, check out my "webliography" on Digital Libraries I created during my first semester in library school. It's guaranteed to answer all your questions on the topic.

Visit Digital Libraries to check out some of Ryan's must-see digital library resources.

E-Mail Ryan

You can contact Ryan at the following email address night or day - ryandonovanlibrarian@gmail.com

Library Resources

Build and maintain your own library catalog! The first 200 books are free!

New York City's refuse center. Part of a nonprofit? You can come here to get free supplies!

Looking for ARCs or book-related prizes? Check out Random Buzz, the teen section for the publisher giant Random House. The site features a point system called

Information on winning free history books for your library or school

Check out George Peckam-Rooney's website. George is a fellow colleague and GSLIS alum.